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I doubt this is an original signature.

The writing reads: "Völker Europas wahret eure heiligsten Güter" It is the title of the Lithograph by Hermann Knackfuss shown above.

Kaiser Wilhelm sent the picture to Czar Nicholas II. While its formal name was “Völker Europas wahret eure heiligsten Güter” (Peoples of Europe, Protect Your Most Sacred Possessions), it was quickly nicknamed using the Kaiser’s new favorite phrase "Die Gelbe Gefahr" (The yellow Peril)

Here is an excerpt from the website Passing Strangeness

"The picture was the source of some amusement as, frankly, it’s a terrible piece of work. The artist was Hermann Knackfuss, a favorite of the Kaiser but generally acknowledged as a hack. Wilhelm’s patronage of him was seen as a sad commentary on the royal taste; that he was the one who’d sketched out the basic idea for Knackfuss to draw made things even worse. ..."


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