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    victory medal to machine gunner with 3 service numbers?

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    picked a nice victory medal up there today and when i got his MIC it shows 3 numbers on it, just wondering are these 3 numbers 3 separate service numbers or 3 different reg number as looks like he moved about abit!

    the name on the rim is 3012 PTE A.N.CHARROSIN. 7-LONDON.R.

    looks like he was in the london reg the machine gun corps and the royal engineers!! quite interesting!dont think on his MIC theres anything other then the medal roll!also would it be normal to have 3 separate numbers when you moved??(id say it was just want to make sure!!)interesting though is that the lower number is on the medal!

    any help on this would be great!! :beer:

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    Hello Paddy.....

    They would be 3 different regimental numbers...... Each regiment would assign him a new number, I have one group of 7 in my collection and there are 5 different numbers from the different units he served in from the Boer War through WW1...... I also have a QSA/KSA pair with 2 different numbers and 2 different units..... When the original unit went home there were 50 volunteers who stayed behind and went into a second unit with a new number.....


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    thanks for that mike!thought it was something like that!!!still interesting that the serial number on the number is the lower one!have to find out about the london regiment might be able to find out more about him!!thanks again!!! :beer:

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