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    DFC award list / database?

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    Hello everyone

    Could anybody please tell me if there is a list or resources that details the winners of the DFC during WW2?. I am in the process of buying a group from a pilots family, he was also awarded the American DFC and that is confirmed in the London gazette. On his uniform is the ribbon for the British DFC and with the group is a minuature DFC but I cant find any mention in the london gazette. I'm a little stuck as where to look next, could any point me in the right direction?

    Thank You


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    There is a published source for DFCs: Carter, Nick J. and Carol Carter. The Distinguished Flying Cross and How It Was Won, 1918-1995. London, 1998.

    It has the Gazette dates and citations.

    Thank you Jeff,

    do you know of any forum members with this reference book?. As per the vets family wishes I won't post his name in public. I know that takes somthing away from the discussion, but I can send it via pm if it is kept private.

    Thank you Adam

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