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    Much less common than Heer Lappland docs are those to KM units, ships and U-boats (which are super rare).

    This one, a very late award to a member of the 67 Vorpostenflottille (coastal escortASW craft using converted trawlers and whalers) awarded in my home town of Troms? and signed by Dr. Ernst Zunker, DKiG 25.01.44 as commader of the 61 VP-flottille operating in the Polar sea region.

    But there's an oddity to this one, you'll see his rank is given as Kapit?n zur See. Strange, as if you trawl through the books his final rank and position is shown as being on the staff of the Admiral of the Norwegian Polar Coast as Korvettenkapit?n. Furthermore, Huesken currently has a similar doc signed by him 2 months prior to this one with the rank of korvettenkapit?n. There's also an example in Forman's book on docs from August with that rank. So what's going on? dodgy doc?

    IPB Image

    I'd have been suspicious had it not been for a copy of an original report dated 4.Oct.45 where Zunker is actually refered to as Kapit?n zur See. It would seem that he was bumped up a couple of ranks sometime between August and October. I'm guessing it was what we call in the British army 'local' rank, that is to say you're given a rank temporarily due to the job you're doing. Being the senior KM officer in the Troms? zone and in charge of more than 5000 men and 8 flottillas would warrant a higher rank than Korvettenkapit?n

    IPB Image

    Out of interest i'm posting the other pages of this document. It's fascinating as it shows how the KM was still ticking along over 5 months after the end of the war, albeit disarmed, but still responsible for itself under orders from the allies carrying out mineclearing and other duties.

    IPB Image

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    It's correct in all it's parts Peter, correct style of doc for this part of Norway (mid-Norway), correct stamped Schulte-Molting sig and rank in the correct ink colours his command seemed to use. Fl?an is also a place in Norway just North of Trondheim. The price though is i think steep, even if this is a rare u-boat Lappland doc....Even Gordon doesn't show one in his Torpedo Los! book

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