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    Imperial Collectors Movie Alert - Four Sons

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    I posted this in Cinema too, but the folks I want to direct this to are in this forum for the most part.

    I just watched from Netflixs a 1928 silent movie directed by the great John Ford called "Four Sons". BAsic story line is a Bavarian mother has 4 sons 3 fight in WWI for the kaiser, one in the USA. I'd be curious about the authenticity of the uniforms, medals etc. Later in the movie the bad Major is sporting a PLM, earlier I think its a Johanitor neck order. Certainly not a current repo! The USA troops are wearing the insignia of the Rainbow Divison.

    Give it a look. Not a bad film and when was the last time you watched a silent movie!

    For extra credit see if you can spot the great John Wayne in an uncredited roll as an Officer. As a hint the only officers are German ones.

    To further add curiousity about authenticity of uniforms, etc. Check out this photo I lifted from Getty Images taken on the set. It shows: circa 1927: From left to right, Captain Lauterbach (I think SMS Emden fame), Archduke Leopold of Austria (appearing as an extra in the film), Count Felix von Luckner (Another Great Imperial Officer) and John Ford, on the set of 'Four Sons, directed by Ford for the Fox Film Corporation, adapted from the novel 'Grandma Bernle Learns Her Letters' by I A R Wylie. (Photo by General Photographic Agency/Getty Images)

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