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  1. Can someone help me with the decorations of Julius Lauterbach, later known as Lauterbach-Emden? I see from photos the EKI EKII and I'm sure a Royal Hohenzollern Knights cross with swords.
  2. The MOH ribbons in the two Black and white photos are upside down. The stars from an M not a W.
  3. Ah, thought someone was trying to say that was the ribbon bar in the photo was the same as on the SA guy and I was confused. Thanks Dan
  4. As a former US Naval Officer, I can tell you that the officer pays for the medal bar and ribbons
  5. Here's another reference: Of Red Eagles and Royal Crowns: A Modern Translation of the Statutes of the Prussian Red Eagle Order and the Royal Crown Hamelman, William Published by Taylor Publishing Co, Dallas (1978)
  6. Maybe these as well: Heisinger Jorck, Harald von Rabe von Pappenheim, Herbold Rheinbaben, Werner von Saalwächter, Alfred Schulz, Edmund Selchow, Heinrich-Bogislaw von Tippelskirch, Ulrich von Türcke, Wilhelm von Waldegg, von Weizsäcker, Ernst Freiherr von
  7. Is that PLM the same one currently on eBay? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Imperial-German-World-War-I-Pour-Le-Merite-Blue-Max-Neck-Order-with-Oak-Leaf/202226917717?hash=item2f15a9e155:g:kOQAAOSw5NxagfHC
  8. Maybe that first award should be a Princely Hohenzollern RitterKreuz w/X? I think that Adler is a fake, but what do I know.....
  9. I'd start with a nice old Steinhauer and Luck piece. Ernst Junger's PLM at his museum is a S & L piece and you can clearly see it in some photos of him wearing his PLM.
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