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    1. Hello, I'm working on a project covering an soldier who died in Scharnhorst on 26 December, 1943. Would his EKM have Scharnhorst and his service number, or his Name and service Number, or just Service number? Thanks Dan
    2. Hello Farkas, Still no luck on the translation. Maybe someone will see this! Dan
    3. Check this auction out: https://www.ebay.com/itm/334942517724?hash=item4dfc2139dc:g:-HkAAOSwNapkqd4W&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwIMKojGs%2Fk2QVLKgQr7SAlCWpftUzQ6AOVdv%2FS55NtOsyZyl7UfSPTA46O9NYGlxLhY5EATsBdI7hPxs3XdxSd%2B5dx49QJYAubacVzfs9Gc2Wua9uv4IvzkaCSR%2Fd%2FZMWMkcGrLX4y8Hw1UtCSvK0v%2BcclbNSXYlg1rOMyd76YOVImsBB%2BSXZuVpzIeHPlDevIFT%2F22KEz0OB%2B3L51lrDdDHrBLFgz3zGMOPhc9fVW5%2BdZ5lJpGb5sh9EmtdXIwLIA%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR7q5j7LCYg Its relevant to the discussion. It doesn't readily pull up because of the accent above the e.
    4. Funny for sure! I think more fakes have been sold than real pieces awarded. Funny thing is, a nice old S&L PLM in its original case didn't sell.
    5. They were all originals on the bar. The Sachse Coburg Gotha has the incorrect clap however.
    6. That's my picture. I made that one years ago! Disassembled it and sold off the pieces again. The fun was the search.
    7. I only ever saw one RAO3KrX for sale and it was from Medalnet. It like a PLM were just out of budget. I never saw an Imtiaz for sale before I finished. That SCG medal i've never seen one with the proper clasp style for sale. Somewhere in these pages is a post of a really nice one.
    8. Not to derail the original threads and his beautiful project. Years on, I'm wondering if it was a copy. (Its been more than 20 years ago) Looked great and had a good feel. All subjective of course.
    9. Beautiful. That is a labor of love for sure. I did it once myself, however I never got the PLM and RAO3X. I substituted a S&L PLM and original RAO4x. My SCG medal also had an incorrect date clasp. I also never found the other Turkish medal, Fun project. Well done. I ended up disassembling the ribbon bar I had constructed and returned the decorations to their original ribbons.
    10. Can someone help me with the decorations of Julius Lauterbach, later known as Lauterbach-Emden? I see from photos the EKI EKII and I'm sure a Royal Hohenzollern Knights cross with swords.
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