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Help needed - Croatian decorations to German officers

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I've got the original list of German officers who receive Croat decorations during WW2. List was prepared by the Chancellery of Croat Decorations in April 1945. It's 127 pages long and there are about 2600 German officers of listed in alphabetic order.

Every officer has specified rank, unit and specific serial number of the documents of awarded decoration. The name of decoration is unfortunately not written.

Many officers have more than one decoration, some of them like, especially some of German generals, as SS Obergruppenführer Arthur Phlep, Commander of 7th SS division, general Joseph Brauner, commander of 187th Infantry division or general d. infanterie Rudolf Lütters, commander of German troops in Croatia have very many Croat decorations, over 15 each of them. There were hardly enough of all Croat decoration to fulfill this number.

I would really like to find out what they had received in fact. Does anybody know if listings of foreign awards to German officers exist?

Looking forward to get some hints....

Regards, Pavel

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