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  1. Hi Sandro, book is still available with me;which language would you be interested in (English I presume; and German is available as well) I can send the book on your address, you can write to me on my private adress, pavel.car (monkey) s5.net regards, Pavel
  2. Hello Igor, great Orders' clasp; I've never seen such a great combination of Serbian, Montenegrin and Russian medals. Red Cross seems to be on lady's bow (for men should be on triangular ribbon) - or is it by any chance just Russian way of folding the ribbon? And it's peacefull ribbon Would be possible for nurse to receive a Russian bravery medal? again, just great.... Pavel
  3. Dear all, thank you very much all data & comments. You've help me a lot to find out the real meaning of this medal & clasps. I'm attaching the photo of reverse. Broch is unfortunately missing. Ribbon itself is in quite bad shape. Medal, ribbon and bars look to me as a old piece. I know there are various typec of broches which can help to determine time frame, but here broch is unfortunately missing. I've bought this medal especially because of clasp ''Serbia'', as I've never come across such an item yet. But collecting Serbia and Yugoslavia mainly, I'm not an expert on US medal
  4. Need for help. I've got an interesting medal, WWI Victory Medal with three clasps: ''CHATEAU THIERRY'', ''CHANTIGNY'' and ''SERBIA'' . I was looking for list of the clasp in the book The Call of Duty (military awards and decorations of the USA, by Starndberg and James Bender), but among the long list of the clasps for WW1 medal, these three are not listed. Medal looks original to me. All three clasps have ''FRANCE'' engraved in reverse. Any idea about these clasps? Thanks in advance, Pavel
  5. Bosnian medal in a original cardboard box. Box has no markings; I've seen Bosnian medals as well in Luxury case from Rothe & Neffe, but as well with no special marking on lid, only usual Austrian coat-of-arsm regards, Pavel
  6. Dear all, I'm working on the book about German officers who were awarded with Croatian awards; I have enought original awarding documents but lacking of photos. I was this week in Belgrade in Military museum, but to access theirs photo archive seems not to be simple as German officers still beara tag of ''war criminal'' and I would need a special clearance (which on my oppinion won't be easy to get). However, so far my cooperation with museum was very good (working on Serbian & Yugoslav decorations) but attitude to foreigners (as I am for them) and WW2 is still... I'm kindly askin
  7. Hello Josef, thanks for the answer; must be an interesting frack with JFO order and two medals. It would be nice to know if your medal is hallmarked or not; as I've never seen and non-hallmarked medal. The other position for Scheid's hallmark is of course ring of a medal; here is another picture with hallmark on ring. Mayer did in fact produced almost all Serbian orders and medals in very beginning, when other producers were involved in business as well (Rothe, Anton Fürst, Fleischhacker), but later almost all production was taken over by Scheid. here is another Scheid's hallm
  8. hallmark of Bavarian workshop of Jacob Leser; ''JL'' which often looks as roman number '' II '' and bavarian silver hallmark ''800'' (for silver finesy 800/1000)
  9. Dear Josef, nice picture you've posted; are these medals from a group (or just pictured together)? I have some answers on your questions; Medal shold have markers mark; either on ring or on the ''kugel'' (I'm enclosing pictures of mine) To my knowledge, most of the medals of this type (the 2nd type, period of Alexander Obrenovich 1889 - 1903) were made by G.A.Scheid, but Bavarian workshop of Jacob Leser produced medals as well, but in small quantities. However, all medals are hallmarked. (I'll enclose Leser's hallmark as well Braca Z. Popovich were supliers of the Chancelery of
  10. Congratulations, balkanphila, but you've paid a fortune; I was compeeting up to 300 E, than I've quit. I've bought mine at medal fair at Gunzenhausen, but without box (I have only Class IV medal of this type in box) However, I've paid for mine 1/10 of your price. So, box must be a fortune....
  11. I got a box for the Order of the Red Cross; it's bigger that my old box for the Offiziersehrenzeichen and quite different. Is it maybe fo the Verdienststern? Producer is Rothe & Neffe. On picture it's shown with my old one. And if someboby is interested, I'm willing to trade.... thanks for the help,
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