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First ever post, so hope it comes out right:

There were 30 different territorial SA groups but only 23 of them marked the bottom cross guards (Gau markings) of their daggers. Only early daggers were group marked - late period RZM marked and mid period double marked (RZM and maker's mark) blade daggers were never "Gau marked". The markings are as follows:

BO - Bayerrische Ostmark

B - Berlin - Brandenburg

Fr - Franken

Ha - Hansa

He - Hessen

Ho - Hochland

Mi - Mitte

Nrh - Niederhein

Nm - Nordmark

No - Nordsee

Ns - Niedersachsen

Oe - Osterreich (before annection of Austria but some were involved with the SA)

Om - Ostmark

Ost - Ostland

P - Pommern

Sa - Sachsen

SA - Sachsen (note capital A on some daggers)

S - Schlesien

Sw - Sudwest

Th - Thuringen

W - Feldherrnhalle (interesting one to look up this, I'll leave that to you)

Wf - Westfalen

Wm - Westmark

The other 7 areas were Alpenland (A), Donau (Do), Kurpfalz (Kp), Sudeten (Su), Sudmark (Sm), Weisel (We) and Wartha (Wa). None of these areas were marked on the daggers as they didn't exist until they were annexed to Germany, by then the marking of the cross guards were dropped.

There are maps available to show where all the above areas were and are vaialble on some websites about daggers - go have a look around.

Be careful, these daggers drag you in as holding one is history itself in an amazing object. And all for 7.5 Marks when they were new.

Cheers - Spaz

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Ooops, sorry, forgot to say the same markings apply for the NSKK daggers as well :whistle:

Other than:

N - Nord (Hamburg)

O - Ost (Berlin)

S - Sud (Munich)

Mi - Mitte (Nuremburg)

So - Sodost (Vienna)

A - Alpenland

Bln - Berlin

Da - Danzig

Eg - Egerland

KS - Kempfalz/Saar

Le - Leipzig

MB - Mark Brandenburg

Od - Oberdonau

Wa - Warthegan

There may be some differences in the cross guards beginning with N and W on SA and NSKK daggers (No and Nm both as Nordmark, We and Wf both for Westfalen etc etc) but I'll let the experts put us right.


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