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Hello gentlemen,

I seem recently to have ventured from single medals into "Spangeland". I know a thing or two about medals, but not so much about Spange. I was hoping some fellow-collectors would be willing to enlighten me a bit and teach me a couple of things about the differences in setup and the approximate corresponding timeperiod?

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards from Belgium


1)Metal plate, DRGM marked, thin round needle with round thread hook, southern style ribbons


2)Metal plate, unmarked, round needle with round hookr, southern style ribbons


3)Black felt covered, round needle with vertically FLATTENED wire hook, southern style ribbons


4)Black felt covered, round needle with horizontally FLATTENED grey hook, court style ribbons


5)Orange felt backed, round needle with vertically flat wire hook, (much as nr 3) southern style ribbon


6) Black cloth covered, round needle, flat vertical hook (as nr 3 and 5), court style ribbons


7)Brown felt covered, with fastening pin, southern style ribbons


Ps: got a couple more but I think this will do the trick as to illustration?

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The Hindenburg cross makes these all post 1934. I would put these between 1934 and 1939 but if they were truly retired they could be a bit later. The different mount styles are typical for different regions of Germany. The southern parts preferred the flat bottom mounts and you have several of those.

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