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  1. Great to see your armband. I have seen three different ones. Mine, ones like yours with the typical ribbon colors of the Wurttemburg Civil verdienstorden and one with the colors of the Wurttemburg crown orders. As mine is one the tri color band would it be one of the last ones made? Is yours numbered? Thanks!
  2. I have a couple Jugendwehr items in my collection and I am looking for more information about them. From what I gather they were a more military oriented “Boy Scouts”. They seem to be the predecessor of the HJ. I believe that these items are Weimar period and this is the reason I posted them here. I found a similar armband in the Freikorps Insignia book. Are there any good articles out there about them, any advanced collectors of these items? the armband it heavy and well constructed with three closing snaps. It is numbered inside by stamping behind the shield. If you have additional item
  3. You have to take the long term approach to collecting. I’m not sure why I looked again but I am glad I did!
  4. I’ve never really understood the awarding of these crosses. It seems like it was a general merit medal that could be given to just about anyone. I only have silver in my collection and thay are to old timer Prussians. This is a very nice bar. I do not even see many 20 landwehr crosses pop up for sale.
  5. Hello, I have become interested in this medal as I have recently acquired an example that I cannot find a similar example of. In reading it seems like these were awarded approximately 12,000 times and there were 520 made in bronze. I see the typical bronze medals almost everywhere. eBay in the US usually has two or three and every dealer with any Imperial stock seems to have one. They are everywhere and for only 520 having been made it just doesn’t make sense that these can be the original 520. The balance ~ (11,500) seem to be made of zinc and differ in design. I see these about 25% as
  6. That covers awards and is very helpful. Now a follow up question- how could one get long service awards from two different states? I have noticed a couple bars like this and was always suspicious of them!
  7. 392 awards of this cross. Roman- great bar. I visited your page when I first brought this home. Great resource for collectors!
  8. Here is a simple little bar I picked up at OMSA this past summer. Sometimes I see a bar like this and it just speaks to me. Should I flip the first medal? I know it is technically backwards.
  9. To all my fellow colleagues here I would like to show the happily reunited set of medal and ribbon bar that was recently discussed. Many thanks to those that posted and a very special thank you to Daniel and Colin for making this possible.
  10. Thanks! I didn’t realize this thread had life. The Baltic Cross is not marked but it is a two part constructed piece.
  11. A nice pair from me! Both are the non-combatant version and I think this is the first time I have seen the first cross mounted as a non-combatant.
  12. Where was this for sale at? I bought it from a small US dealer. Did it have the ribbon bar with it? Thanks for a second name. This has turned out to be very interesting.
  13. Daniel, How did you find this so fast? I have spent hours and nothing? I must be missing a key piece of research material or I just need more experience. Thanks for the help and all of the comments. This is not a typical bar for my collection as I usually buy Imperial only bars but this one really caught my attention.
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