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    Gentlemen...may I introduce Johanna Pietras, Ostarbeiter

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    Hi Larry,

    here you go:

    Nr. 1 is her registration card.

    Joanna Pietras, born 10.02.1923 in Knapy, District Siersdach (Poland), agricultural worker. Home is Knapy.

    Nr. 2 reverse

    From 04.03.1942 until today moved to Ederen, Nr. 63(?) from Knapy....

    Nr. 3 is her deregistration for Ederen from 02.08.194?

    Same entries like Nr. 1

    Nr 4 revers of above is a compendium from a decree of registration.

    Nr. 5 is an residence announcment(?) for workers of the polish "Volkssturm"

    It just says, she was from 04.03.1942 to 09.03.1942 in Ederen.

    Nr. 6 is another confirmation of the local mayor, that she moved to Ederen on the 04.03.1942. "moving in of a foreigner" is the subject.

    Nr. 7 is the acknowledgement of receipt of her workers card.

    Nr. 8 is just a confirmation, that the other documents had been sent and the wish to send one of them back officially stamped to the sender.

    Nr. 9 reverse of above with confirmation, that the document has been sent back and she was filed away and that the District Administrator was informed.

    Nr. 10 I am lost with that adress, sorry.

    I am working on that letter, but i cannot promise anything, as i am not so good with S?tterlin handwriting and she is writing in a german, which is typical for a Polish and not so easy to understand. I will try it again later, when i had some coffee.


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