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    Soviet Award Collector, focus on researching soviet groups or single numbered Orders or Medals. My main interest is the "Great Patriotic War 1941-45", but i am fascinated of Imperial Russian and German awards and research too.

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  1. Its incredible hard to say atm, as the prices are seriously going down lately, so i´d say anything between 1200 and 1800 Dollar is possible, i guess. It also depends on the condition and the possible enamel damage. Others may be able to give you a more precise evaluation.
  2. Gerd Becker

    My new TWM

    I agree with Demir, the pin seems to be replaced. I focused so much on catch, hinge and obverse detail, that i didn´t even notice the pin. Weitze has one atm with original pin, if you didn´t see that already. best, Gerd
  3. you have any order of scanderbeg from IKOM ZAGREB for sale ?

    1. Gerd Becker

      Gerd Becker

      No i have not, sorry. I have a nice Medal "Remembrance 1942-43" made by IKOM for sale, if you are interested.

    2. Kallarati Heroik

      Kallarati Heroik


  4. That´s the super super super rare Kleinod to the Grandcross. I swear! Nice pic
  5. Gerd Becker

    My new TWM

    Lovely piece, Christophe. Nothing wrong with it imo.
  6. Very nice! That´s the first certificate, i have seen to this medal.
  7. Very nice! I wasn´t aware, those docs include a description of the feat, thats fantastic. Great set, Chris.
  8. Yes, i haven´t seen many of these green ones either. Btw, the name is Anatoly Alekseyevich Nikishkov, Auke was so nice to translate it for me, when i had it. Not sure, if i told you.
  9. I really like this medal. The quality is awesome for such a common medal.
  10. I allways liked the simplicity of the Hessen-Darmstadt Medals, especially this particular one.
  11. The Breaststar is the one to the first class, btw, Second Model with the big crown (1867-1918) What does the ring look like on the Bavarian Miliary Merit Order? If its a round ring, its probably a 4th class with swords.
  12. I agree with you, ccj. I guess, most people are around on facebook nowadays, as there is a lot of participation. I personally am not a friend of FB, but it seems, its the place to go now for these things...
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