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In my photo collection I have many photos of Pioniere, all wearing black cord around the cap (as usual). But I have one photo which stands out of the ordinary. Shown below are 2 studio photos of pioneers, left - 54th (Gebirgs) Pionier-Bataillon; right (for comparison) 49th (Panzer) Pionier-Bataillon. The Pionier of the 54th wears an Infantry cap, the Pionier of te 49th wears the standard Pionier cap.

The 54th was erected on 08-10-1936 to become the Pionier component of the Gebirgs Brigade, later the 1st Gebirgs Division.

Does any one have a clue why he should wear an Infantry cap?




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Two thoughts: One, it could have been a loaner cap at the photo studio, and two, he could have just joined the unit from an Infantry regiment and had not received his new visor.


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I do not support the thought that the cap was borrowed, because these men are wearing the walking-out uniform which was always accompanied by the vizor cap, and these are photo studio portraits. They would not have been allowed out of barracks without a uniform check.

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