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Bought this WW2 Kriegs Chronik at the weekend fleamarket, strictly not of the period, commemorates a soldiers service life, don't remember seeing one on the forum, thought I'd show this one. I do have a couple of similar framed WW1 chronicles with different motifs, this one measures 45cm x 33cm deals with the military career of Staff N.C.O. Heinrich Kirschner - holder of the EK 2 and Ost Medal - joined up 1.10.39 took part in the campaign that over-ran Poland & France. 1941 advanced as part of the army middle section into Russia - Moscow,Orel, Vitebsk, defence and retreat fighting. Taken by the english as a P.O.W. - Released 20.10.45.

How he came from fighting outside Moscow to be a english P.O.W is not stated - maybe not enough space.

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Interesting point you raise Kevin. I wonder if it may be a latent hangover from the security conscious format used on WW2 death cards, on these the unit served in was mentioned only in the most general terms infantry, artillary, gebirgsjäger, never the unit number, likewise WW2 Kriegs Chroniks. On the other hand WW1 death cards and war chronicles nine out of ten times give all manner of detail,unit number, where the soldiers fought, war wounds etc. I've included a picture of a WW1 Kriegs Chronik, briefly the soldier was with 476 Infantry Regiment - fought a number of battles, one being Verdun - received a shrapnel wound neck and ear at Guiscard. Demobilized - Jan 1919. Sorry the picture not the best, its in a glass frame.

Best Wishes

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