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Can any one tell me what medals or awards are referenced in this excerpt from a front line officer's service record?

I have determiend that he got the EKI, EKII, Silesian Eagle, Wound badge in Silver and Hindenburg Cross for combatants. But what are these?

- Bew. abz. V.A.K. 1.7.19

- the handwritten one below the HIndenburg Cross (close-up provided)

Alos, what grade of Silesian Eagle is that?



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It is the Wehrmacht DA4, awarded on 21 Dec. 1936.

As to the Silesian Eagle, he got both classes. "Stufe", related to "step" in English, is another term used for "class" in various German decorations.

The Bewährungsabziechen des V. Armeekorps is a Freikorps badge. It was a pinback badge in the form of a wreath surrounding a Roman numeral V.

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