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    WWI Somme, Napoleonica, sculpting and painting scale model figurines, and collecting original documents and autographs pertaining to the July 20 bomb plot.

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  1. Note the Hardenburg above was misattributed. It’s actually Freiherr von Hardenburg rather than Graf Hardenburg....both served in 20. panzergrenadier Regt. Returned to the auctioneer for a refund.
  2. For sure Chris. I was in a room with Christopher Plummer and 20-odd others a few years ago In the VIP room at the Stratford Festival (I’m no VIP but i was there with one). My wife said “come and meet Mr. Plummer.” I said “why would Christopher Plummer want to meet me?” She responded “he probably doesn’t want to meet me either but he’s going to.” I thought about telling him how much I enjoyed his portrayal of Wellington....not in Waterloo but in Patrick Wilson’s “Witness to Yesterday” historical interview show. Didn’t happen. Oh well...Carpe Diem isn’t my motto.
  3. I have been after this for a long time. I finally found a signature of General de Division Francois Fournier (later Fournier-Sarloveze). The painting by Baron Gros is one of my favourite Napoleonic uniforms. Fournier fought about 30 duels with his nemesis General Dupont (of Baylen surrender fame) during the course of the Napoleonic Wars. He was the inspiration for Gabriel Feraud in Joseph Conrad’s short story “The Duel.” This was later filmed by Ridley Scott in his first feature film “The Duellists.” The document is a large format post-Waterloo permission for a Lt. in the 9e Chasseurs a C
  4. I never got my kids into painting Warhammer. But I have to say I enjoy it. Great to have a hobby while this is all going in. Thanks for the nice words Nick. Thanks very much Brian.
  5. As some of you know I sculpt and paint miniatures. Not in the mood while under house arrest so I decided to have a bash at oil painting on canvas. Mostly done except for final touch ups and glazes. My first finished painting ever and 3rd ever attempt; based on a 200mm miniature bust by Alexandros Models (pictured). Michel Ney, Prince of the Moskowa, Duke of Elchingen. ”The Bravest of the Brave.” “Le Rougeaud.” Russia 1812
  6. As some of you might know, I recently came close to selling my collection. I’m glad I didn’t because the auction my material would have gone into had another nice collection of German Resistance material. That of Stephen Bumball and many of those pieces had appeared in Charles Hamilton’s standard reference on TR signatures. There would have been overlap and we both would have suffered. So instead I added a signature....that of Carl Hans Graf von Hardenberg. I have attached the skimpy bio from the GDW in Berlin.
  7. I got my Ney on eBay for a silly low price. Not as nice as yours of course. My special Ney is a contemporary copy of Gerard painted by Ny portrait artist Ezra Ames c. 1810. Also an eBay find. It hangs over the fire place and has the special place of honour in the house. Not sure if I posted that here before....probably somewhere. And I also add my own painting on a 200mm resin bust by Alexandros. cheers Colin
  8. Jaybo - two terrific pieces beautifully presented. Congrats. colin
  9. Thanks Hucks. I am rebuilding my presentation binders after several years of neglect and these will come in very useful. Cheers and Happy New Year. Colin
  10. An infrequent addition. GL KARL FREIHERR VON THÜNGEN June 26, 1893 - October 24, 1944 Karl Freiherr von Thüngen Karl Freiherr von Thüngen was inspector of the Selective Service in Berlin in the summer of 1944. On July 20, 1944 the conspirators appointed him as military commander for military district III (Berlin) after they had arrested the previous commander, General von Kortzfleisch. However, Thüngen did not arrive at the Army Command building until evening, too late to prevent the failure of the coup attempt. He revoked the conspira
  11. Very interesting. Thanks Kevin. I think Prof. Peter Hoffmann's new bio of Tresckow will be ready this year. It will address some of the recent revisionist slurs against him. First to be published in German, it is hoped that an English version will follow. Colin
  12. Thanks Kevin. I am glad it's been of interest. My postings have slowed with my collecting but I am still picking up the odd hard to find item. I will keep posting. Jim that does looks like Speidel's signature to me. I don't think he has been heavily faked. My initial thought was that it looks post-war but I did read somewhere that Speidel preferred not to sign in WWII uniform after hostilities had ceased. Other opinions? Colin
  13. Nice to see that helmet! Seems I got the apple green colour of the Somme brodie right on the model bust I did of my great uncle (see my avatar). My Great uncle George was in the 19th LF (3rd Salford Pals) in the July 1 attack on the Leipzig Redoubt and Granatloch. I was given his last letter describing the attack by a descendent of the recipient a few years ago. So it was fascinating to see these interesting posts relating to the view from the other side of the hill in this area of the Somme battlefield. I have read and reread the 3rd Salford war diary for July 1. It has to be one o
  14. Me too. Expensive but a laugh to do.
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