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Silver Screwback... opinions?

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Hi all. I was hesitant to post down here for opinions but having looked through and seen several members do so I figured I'd pop it in.

I just picked this up. It was advertised as a Condor Legion although I'm still trying to learn the differences as in Hamelman's reference there are Condor Legion, Prototype 39's and 1939-45 1st Type. So hoping those of you who are more adept at this can tell me where this one falls along with confirming that it's a good one. Although, if this is not a good one then I think it's time for me to hang it up as I'm not seeing anything that is giving me a red alert... Kirk to the Bridge on this one.

Anyhow, here goes. Hoping for some opinions and info.

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The pin-back type with plated over reverse is super. Definitely the most desirable version of the Type I 1939 Wound Badge. If you were only going to have one Type I, it would be this version. Excellent !

I have severe doubts over the identification of certain Type Is as "Condor Legion". To me, they are all simply "Type I" 1939 badges.

The original foundation decree for the 1939 badges states that they are "the same as that of the Army in World War One" but with the Swastika on the helmet, i.e. the so-called "Type I" badge.

I doubt very much whether they created a special design for the Condor Legion, then modified it slightly for the "Type I" introduced just four months later. I would say that they are all just manufacturer variants of the Type I.

Hamelmann's book was a great book in its day, but a forthcoming German book will take the study of German wound badges to a whole new level. I believe it classes theses early badges together as Type I variants.

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