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Brunei: The Most Gallant Order of the Hero of the State of Brunei


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Darjah Pahlawan Negara Brunei Yang Amat Perkasa

Instituted 28 November 1959 by Sultan Muda Haji 'Omar 'Ali Saif ud-din III, and awarded for acts of gallantry by members of the armed forces and civilians acting in support of them in 4 classes (Dato Seri Pahlawan, Dato Hamzah Pahlawan, Third Class, and Fourth Class). The post-nominal letters are: Dato Seri Pahlawan - PSPNB, Dato Hamzah Pahlawan - DHPNB, Third Class - PNB, Fourth Class - PJB.

Alas I only have a picture of the Third Class:

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You never know until you ask... spurred on by this I wrote to Eng Long, who have just replied that whilst some of the governments for whom they make ODM have requested that information not be released without their express permission, that does not apply to all of their contracts, and that as the boss likes my site he will be willing to help supply such information and images that he may!

Megan is now bouncing up and down! (Cannot remember the code for that...)

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