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  1. Probably 3rd model, second type 1918-43 Sofia-made [most likely royal mint though the well known badge manufacturer firm Milosheva in Sofia may have subcontracted] silver gilt or bronze gilt. Other possible manufacturers include Rothe of Vienna [maybe with "silber", 900 {silver content} or Rothe stamp]. Some attribute pieces with 'silber' stamp to German makers. St. Alexander insignia also made in Germany [Zimmerman reported for jeweled pieces & miniatures] and Godet.
  2. 只是一个简单的树艺师!! Nur ein einfacher Baumpfleger !! Just a simple Arborist!! What would he have received had he [arranged for] roof repair?
  3. Thanks to all who contributed to this fascinating thread! The range of awards to an individual represented by these groups and identification of their original owners far exceeds expectancy.
  4. Hard to say. LoH maybe 4th [1946-58] or 5th [1958-present] republic; BE Leopold unilingual so possibly before 1951; Black Star established 1889 suspended 1963. However, mini groups often assembled from existing [old on hand] stocks & some people chose to use specific designs [for #1 or #2 above] over what would have been appropriate at time of award.
  5. Here's a Liberian group with [silver-gilt] Pole Star
  6. Hardly anything on-line. Insignia appear on French eBay and European auction sites maybe once every couple of years. Varying qualities of info therein. Jerome [QUIVIVEFRANCE@aol.com] illustrates it. A couple of print compilations -- including Jerome -- discuss it. Jerome probably is the most knowledgeable student of such private, self-styled or 'ephemeral'' awards.
  7. Hi Graf, Thanks for your work on this thread! What is item pictured directly above? Have seen same format but with reverse disk for button hole wear.
  8. Badge of the Society of [French] {Military} Engineers, a Franco-Belgian so-called private decoration originally comprised of 3 classes later expanded to 5 with insignia in usual French format. Name & insignia format have changed over the years. Group appears to have been most active post-WW II through 1980's.
  9. Fantastic item in original card case, thanks for sharing. First time to seen an award case with Andronikai's label. Any stamps or other marks on the card case?
  10. Searching for a Columbia Order Boyaca Grand Cross Sash. Color & format as below. Suggestions Welcome!
  11. Beware of fakes!! Unfortunately do not have image of a genuine issue piece--even Werlich's Russian book illustrates a questionable striking.
  12. Hello, see thread here: Bulgarian Queen Eleanora's Cross. Also seen to foreigners [incorrectly?] on Bulgarian tricolor & Austrian WW I Red Cross ribbons & anything to hand. Some, usually to foreigners for Balkan Wars, have recipients' names engraved on reverse
  13. Don't make them like this anymore--& have [especially for Train Company Directors] very few full dress occasions to wear them. A shame as far as I'm concerned! Plus, air-con would make them less of a burden in hot weather! Yours looks to be in especially good condition with little mothing & minimal embroidery wear/tarnish. What a great find, you are lucky!!
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