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  1. Generic cheap type manufacture [note inappropriate size suspension crown, open ring between crown & ribbon loop, lack of devices between arms, and uni-face enamel]. Similar crosses appear regularly for sale on Italian eBay, usually with red ribbons. Very likely what Guy Stair Sainty and his ilk identify as insignia of a self-styled St. John organization.
  2. I do not know enough about Slovak ribbon devices to hazard a guess. Have seen applied eagle badges in silver, gilt and gilt w/enamel however. Sometimes it seems that awards from one country are mounted together rather than in rank order. Probably Spanish Campaign ID is correct. The last sentence of my post above should read If next one is blue color MAYBE Yugoslav Crown
  3. Bulgarian ribbon ''wings' may be different colors so Grand Officer? Before Hungarian, pale color with narrow dark side stripes maybe Swede Sword or Latvian 3 Stars.... Black may be Swede Pole Star or Johanniterorden? If next one is blue color Yugoslav Crown?
  4. First Kingdom type ca. 1877-1932. Look at edge of bottom arm, may find maker name Weiss or.... Images below for ribbon. Slight variance in blue stripes occurs.
  5. Rusty- Star next to Nile commander and below KBE star appears to be an Al-Nada; see Owain Raw-Rees' The Order Of Al Nahda of the Kingdom of the Hijaz at http://www.rogersstudy.co.uk/hejaz/al_nahda/al_nahda.html likely first class. For image of that insignia, in addition to Owain's work, see: https://www.mortonandeden.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/web106-1.pdf , lot 771.
  6. Some Portuguese makers [e.g. Da Costa] use relatively thin metal, each side indented punched or engraved line cravat loops. Stefi8's example one might have a Portuguese type replacement. Jah Jim, do you recall whether Worth or Da Costa made more than samples of Ethiopian awards? The Michael of the Wing commander image below gives an idea of what these type suspensions look like though it's too small to give an accurate, true impression.
  7. In the mid-late 1970's, the rectory of the Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem had a wall cabinet containing awards of former pastors and provosts in the provost's private reception room. It contained at least one Jerusalem Cross and several Olberg Crosses. These were not mounted in medal groups. Recall similar cabinets in the Armenian Patriarch's private formal dining room, one of which displayed an Olberg Cross. No idea of provenance. Perhaps these were gifts from travelers and not awards to provosts [or the Patriarch] as they would not appear to be members of the official party. A donation to the Augusta Victoria Hospital Foundation may explain the Olberg Crosses. What seemed to be a put-together bar [similar to 1980's Ohio type but without the 'hook' and good ribbons] with both a Jerusalem and an Olberg Cross appeared at a Greenbelt, MD, USA show maybe in '84. The bar included a Prussian Crown 3rd, an Ernestine knight lst, two or 3 German state civil medal, a Turkish Osmanie reduced size officer, and a Greek Redeemer. The Jerusalem Cross was in first place & the Olberg in second, which seemed odd. That one may still be out there.
  8. First appears to be Coro type manufacture costume jewelry popular in the 1950's. Second looks like a casting fitted for use as a pendant. Such items used various design elements taken from insignia & order hardware. Examples of Coro work follow:
  9. Vet society insignia? Cross & swords body component looks like inspired by or made using Bulgarian Military Bravery pin-back badge die . If latter probably 55 mm. diameter.
  10. Hello Nick and thank you for this information, images and, most of all, for your good wishes! These images reveal high manufacture quality of a very rare 'modern' award. The document [to Martha Mödl the opera singer?] indicates the quality of persons honored with this decoration. All best regards, EJ
  11. For general Information. A colleague reminded me that the State of Bavaria renewed the Maximilian Order years ago and provided the following information. Insignia supposedly made by Hemmerle, Munich largely duplicates that of the 1853 Order save for the suspension. Bavarian Maximilian Order The Bavarian Maximilian Order for Science and the Arts is awarded in recognition of outstanding achievements in the fields of science and art and represents a particularly high state honor. The number of order holders should not exceed one hundred. The award goes to German scientists and artists. The Order is awarded in a class to men and women. The ceremony takes place every two years. The Order is awarded by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is entitled to submit proposals, while the Ministers of State and the two departments of the Order are responsible for their areas of business. The Bavarian Maximilian Order for Science and Art was created in 1980, following on from the original donated by King Maximilian II in 1853.
  12. Emmanuel didn't Nelson Mandela receive the Order of Excellence of Guyana in 2006 or thereabouts?
  13. Black enamel cross likely German Knight's Cross aka Randow Cross; silver cross probably a Russian exile St. George cross if centre is knight slaying dragon.
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