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  1. Most Internet sites provide free translation on variable selection. Simplified Chinese for Danilo is 达尼洛. Or go to https://www.coinsky.com/shop/search/index/key/达尼洛 and translate that electronically. This vendor may sell on eBay as 3_18482.
  2. 922F

    Bahawalpur Groups

    Owain thank you for your images! May be able to find someone with old Spink supplied ribbons for you; will send you a note when/if located. Someone in the UK offered possibly reproduction Bahawal ribbons a while ago. An earlier post in a thread I can't find now illustrates one of the last Nabob's ribbon bars, no longer in my hands. Images below may interest...... First belonged to a staffer, 2nd an adj. & 3rd (querishi) a ...I forgot!! Have to look up names/ranks. One of them at least is in the attached photo. A CBE accompanies the Querishi lot but although obtained from the family believe that's not consistent with it. Somewhere I have the last Bahawalpur Chief Justice's Bahawal neck badges and an again doubtful CBE but no image readily to hand. If you can track down a copy of Nazeer Ali Shah's Sadiqnamah: The History of Bahawalpur State, Lahore: Maktaba Jadeed 1959 the photo section quite worth seeing. I do not have a copy unfortunately.
  3. The Zimmermann center resembles Austrian examples. Do not have access to Jacob's book now, perhaps someone else can supply information from it. I remember Jacob reporting Zimmermann as being active from at least the 1930's, making German, Romanian and Bulgarian awards. Rick Research believed Zimmermann began much earlier maybe late 1880's-90's. Rick's thought now makes more sense since this Sun & Lion dates before the 1930's! [Use of term Hofjuwelier another indicator] The factory was destroyed during WW II--damaged items from that factory debris have been offered for sale for at least 5 years. They include full size and miniature decorations from various German states', Czech, Zanzibar, Yugoslavia, Greece, and many other countries. Zimmermann's held LDO and Lieferant number 20 [varient number L52] from 1941-45.
  4. C. F. Zimmermann, Pforzheim was a very well known German manfacturer of awards. Besides German honors, the company manufactured a very wide range of decorations from Bulgaria to Zanzibar in full size and miniature. Jacob's Court Jewellers of the World provides more details.
  5. Images below may indicate the he's wearing one of his father's mini groups? Comments or clarifications.... Constantine II does not appear to have received this award; it is not listed amongst his others.
  6. Raman7, Nick beat me here. Looks like the pin was indeed replaced. A few Lion & Sun red ray stars imaged in this thread have the less angular or rounded silver star ray configuration as well.
  7. Certainly looks like swords on both. Would expect that he eventually received First Class of both even though this image appears to indicate a Medjidie neck badge.
  8. Thank you Emmanuel! These look like soft enamel, correct? Are there any maker marks on either the star or badge?
  9. Thank you, Dr. Kolahdooz for these extremely valuable original documents and especially for your translations!!
  10. Lightening Strikes!!! For those interested in this thread--hold onto your hats!! A vendor seems to have gotten into Johnson's archive. The matrix for these medals just appeared on Italian evBay staring at a mere 100 euros! See: sc1-34) MATRICI PER MEDAGLIA GIOVANNI CARLO II ORDINE DEL LENTASIO ANNI 1930 Numero oggetto eBay: 223995816737 I'm certain that these cost considerably more to cut than the opening offer price...
  11. Further to Arnaud's comment, at least two vendors offered examples of Order of Reconciliation insignia within the past 5 months for 40 -50 euros. These may have been 'overproduction' or have 'fallen off the delivery truck'.
  12. Attached below find the document copy. As to Pat66‘s images, this type insignia did not appear on the market until 2014 at the earliest to my knowledge. I have studied this Order since 1970 and never saw such pieces until they were offered on German eBay. By 2016-7 they appeared on French and U.S. eBay. Rick Research, the guru of this award here on GMIC and elsewhere [some material links below], tracked down the originator. In one of his posts he exposes the chain of evidence. Unfortunately I could not find his specific post on the point at this time. Seem to recall that the pieces came out of Poland or Russia. The Bagration-Mukhraneli Royal House of Georgia website http://www.royalhouseofgeorgia.ge/p/eng/451/order-queen-tamar-order-history reports the following the regarding the Order: This award was made official by the Democratic Republic of Georgia in 1918 and recognized as an order of merit. The Order was abolished by the Communists, but its national significance was such that H.R.H. Prince Irakly – at the petition of the Union of Traditionalist Georgians – restored it and proclaimed himself Grand Master, with the consent of his father H.R.H. Giorgi XIII who was Head of the Royal House in 1942. Comment—Does this suggest a 1942 date for reactivating the Order? Rick Research spent years trying to verify this information in general and the date in particuliar. Efforts included discussions with various experts including Dr. Klietmann, contacting the Royal House and Georgian monarchist groups. Nowhere did he find evidence of this claim. It was then awarded to Georgians of the Diaspora and some members of the European royalty, among whom stand out the Head of the Imperial House of Russia HIH Grand Duke Wladimiro Kirilovich and the Head of the House of Borbón-Sevilla, Duke Francisco de Borbón y de Borbón, who was already an effective collaborator at the time. Comment---Rick Research attempted to verify HIH Grand Duke Wladimiro Kirilovich and Duke Francisco de Borbón y de Borbón as Order recipients, again without success. Efforts included contacts with both families and close scrutiny of 100s of images of these men. Rick could not find any information regarding awards to Georgians of the Diaspora, including among his Georgian monarchist informants. He did find much information regarding awards of the Order of the Sacred Tunic of Our Lord during the period in question. Upon the death of H.R.H. Prince Irakly [October 1977], his son H.R.H. Giorgi XIII did not want to make any more concessions from this Order for reasons of discretion, and it remained inactive. Given these historical precedents, recently H.R.H. Davit Bagrationi has resolved to reincorporate her fully into the Equestrian Heritage of the Royal House of Georgia, awarding it a new Constitutional Letter and conceding some appointments. Comment---Philip Eagleton, CEO of the insignia manufacturing firm WORTH, came into contact with H.R.H. Davit Bagrationi regarding the Order in 2007-9. A proposal to revive the Order occurred at that time. Eagleton prepared preliminary insignia sketches and commissioned an in depth research effort. In the end, WORTH lost the manufacturing agreement to Cejalvo. See http://www.condecoracionescejalvo.es/noble-decorations.html for images of their Tamara insignia, apparently based on Eagleton’s designs. Ref: http://www.royalhouseofgeorgia.ge/p/eng/451/order-queen-tamar-order-history http://www.omsa.org/files/jomsa_arch/Splits/1983/12099_JOMSA_Vol34_6_34.pdf Addenda to "Georgian Order of Saint Tamara Award. Document" https://www.omsa.org/files/download.php?file=JOMSA_Vol28_10.pdf&stream=true&year=1977 Georgian Order of Saint Tamara Award. Document Dr. K.G. Klietmann "Das ’Abzelchen’ und der ’Orden der Konigin Thamar’ in Georgien 1916 und 1918", Ordenskunde #23, 1964 I would be remiss to omit mention of the Republic of Georgia’s state honor The Order of Queen Tamara (თამარ მეფის ორდენი). A decree of the Parliament of Georgia № 1553 dated July 31, established the award. The Order may be conferred ONLY on females for outstanding services to the people and the homeland. The Order of Queen Tamara is awarded with a cash prize of 4,000 lari. https://www.president.gov.ge/geo/saqartvelo/sakhelmcifo-jildoebi.aspx I hope that this presentation proves useful. If anyone has any information or images relating to alleged 1942-1977 Tamara Order usage or bestowals please share them. I would welcome any evidence that the insignia type Pat66 illustrates dates before 2014. That type has been seen with dark blue and light blue soft enamel color centers, two different sorts of star rays and two different type reverse pins.
  13. Welcome Georgia on my Mind! And Pat66 as well! Have you seen threads, The World's Most BIZARRE Award-- A New Chapter!, GEORGIAN ORDER OF QUEEN TAMARA BREAST STAR 3RD CLASS, My First Tamara, Tamara Resurgent, and many others? If not, just enter Tamara into GMIC's search engine. Rick Research sent me a photocopy of a Tamara document issued in Paris by an exile committee hand written on a half-sheet of paper. If you cannot find that image here in an existing thread, I could share a copy of the copy. Bryansk1959 beat me to the punch! Pat66's image illustrates one of the complete fake Tamaras that first appeared within the past few years. To my knowledge, these first showed up on German eBay and exist in two major varieties [depending on type of star rays and pins]. Cigarette cases bearing this type center have been making the rounds too. Seems there are 2 more or less well known claimants to the Georgia throne, each with 3 Orders at their disposal. Tamaras presented by Prince Davit, made by Cejalvo of Madrid, resemble Bryansk1959's images. Prince Nugzar does not seem to presently use an Order of Tamara. GMIC archives contain material on Prince Davit's awards, I don't know there’s information on Prince Nugzar's here but you can Goggle each by name and get full details..
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