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Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen......

I an starting this posting with a medal for two reasons, I know that this is a medal / militaria forum and this is a mixture of both......

While at a garage sale some time ago I was going through a box full of costume jewelry and in the bottom of the box I spotted a medal ribbon.....

On pulling it out of the box attached to the ribbon I found the Canadian Centennial Medal......

I asked the seller what they wanted for it and was told $1.00 Canadian which I gladly paid.....

I was then informed that there were some certificates in the house that are about the man who was awarded the medal......


PART ONE (Picture One)

The first to be handed to me was the framed award certificate for the Canadian Centennial Medal, shown and described below.....

Surmounted by the Canadian Coat of Arms

On the occasion of the one hundredth anniversary

of the Confederation of Canada

the Centennial Medal is conferred on

Frank G. Ballachey, Esquire

In recognition of valuable service to the nation.

July 1st, 1967


PART TWO (Picture Two).

The second frame that was given to me held a Letter from the then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.......

Surmounted by the Canadian Coat of Arms

Prime Minister - Premier Ministre

Ottawa, K1A 0A2

November 29, 1985

Dear Mr. Ballachey

I am writing to thank you for your outstanding contributions to our country as a member of the Study Team on Culture and Communications Task Force on Program Review.

Your experience, dedication and leadership have contributed greatly to the study team. I know that my colleague, the Deputy Prime Minister, is most grateful for your volunteer contribution.

The decision of the Task Force Ministers to include both private and public sector individuals in their work is a welcome experiment in public administration. I am particularly grateful to you for so generously making your time available to the Government of Canada.

Again, thank you for your dedicated services to your country.

Yours Sincerely,

Brian Mulroney

Mr. Frank George Ballachey


F. Ballachey Associates Inc.,

Suite 310

90 Sparks Street

Ottawa, Ontario

K1P 5T6

There is also a small card.........

Deputy Prime Minister (Canadian Coat of Arms) Vice-premier ministre

In grateful appreciation

of your

dollar-a-year contribution

to Canada

And a Framed Dollar Bill......


PART THREE - (Picture Three)

I feel that this is the crowning piece, apart from the medal of course............

In the Upper Left is the Great Seal of Canada with the signature Alexander of Tunis

Below the seal....

(Signature Unable to read)

For Attorney General, Canada


George the Sixth by the Grace of God of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas, King, Defender of the Faith.

To All and Singular to whom these Presents shall come,- Greetings

Whereas We have thought it necessary for encouraging Canadian citizens trading to China to appoint as Vice Consul of Canada at Shanghai China, to take care of Canadian citizens and to aid and assist them in all their lawful and mercantile concerns.

Now Know Ye that We reposing special trust and confidence in the discretion and faithfulness of Our Trusted and Well Beloved

Frank George Ballachey

Esquire have nominated and constituted and appointed, as We do by these Presents nominate, constitute and appoint him the said Frank George Ballachey to be a

Vice Consul of Canada in China

As aforesaid, hereby giving and granting unto him Full Power and Authority by all lawful means to aid and protect those Canadian citizens who may trade with or visit or reside within his Consular District, and to hold the said office during our pleasure with all rights, privileges and immunities thereunto appertaining.

And We do hereby strictly enjoin and require all Canadian citizens to take due notice of this Our Commission and yield obedience thereto.

In Testimony Whereof We have caused by these (Our) letters to be made patent and the Great Seal of Canada to be hereunto affixed.

Witness: Our Right and Trusted and Well beloved Cousin Harold Rupert Leofric George Viscount Alexander of Tunis, Knight of (Our) Most Noble (Order) of the Garter, Knight Grand Cross of (Our) Most Noble Order of the Bath, Knight Grand Cross of (Our) Most Distinguished (Order) of Saint Michael and Saint George, Companion of (Our) Most Exultant (Order) of the Star of India, Companion of (Our) Distinguished Service Order upon whom has been conferred the Decoration of the Military Cross, Field Marshall in (Our) Army, Governor General and Commander in Chief of Canada.

At (Our) Government House, in (Our) City of Ottawa, this third day of June in the year of (Our) Lord one thousand, nine hundred and forty-eight in the twelfth year of (Our) Reign.

By Command

Louis St. Laurent

Secretary of State for External Affairs

Recorded 14th July 1948

Liber 401, Folio 542

(Unable to read signature)

Acting Secretary of State of Canada

(Unable to read signature)

Deputy Registrar General of Canada


Most of the signatures have very badly faded as this Commission must have been left hanging in the sun.....

I again asked the seller what she wanted for all the pieces and was quoted a price which gave me change from a $20.00 bill....... To me it is a priceless piece of Canadian history especially when you think of what was happening in China in 1948 and onwards......


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