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Hello all, I am being offered two military books, one Imperial Navy, other Third Reich, and a document to the man as a Lieutenant des Marine Ingenieurwefins a.D in 1922. I have not dealt with much paperwork man asking $200.00 US. Here is The page I need help on. Cheers Captain Albert

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That is a beautiful Militärpass!

Orden und Ehrenzeichen:

China Denkmünze aus Bronze,

Eiserne Kreuz zweiter Klasse.


aus Bronze.

Dienstauszeichnung erster Klasse.

Feldzüge und Verwundungen:

Aktion gegen China


Teilnahme and dem Unternehmen

gegen die Hereros

in Südwestafrika 1904

Kriegsjahre: 1900, 1901, 1904

1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918.


chronische Liderrandentzündung anerkannt vom derzeitigen Kommandant "Habicht" am 25. April 1911, A1 R 241/11


Neurasthénie, anerkannt vom derzeitigen Kommandant "Habicht" Fregattenkapitän (Hans) Gygas am 1. Januar 1914 - A1 R.B.N.R. 3/14


Kriegsbeschädigung (in this case) means: Illness due to war service

Liderrandentzündung: chronic inflamation of the eye lids

Neurasthenie: dépression, weak nerves.

Hans Gygas: In 1904, as a Kapitänleutnant, Gygas was the First Officer of the sloop of war Habicht, which had been undergoing repairs in Cape Town. The German settlement of Okahandja was besieged by the native Herero tribe in nearby South-West Africa (present-day Namibia) and Habicht was ordered to steam to Swakopmund and relieve Okahandja. When the ship reached Swakopmund on 18 January, Gygas, with another officer, a physician and 52 men was detailed to protect the line of communication to Swakopmund and march inland and assist in putting down the anti-German rebellion. On 16 February Gygas and his men defeated the Otjimbingwe Ovaherero under the Herero leader Zeraua in the battle of Lievenberg. Eventually the revolt was put down though at horrendous cost to the native Herero.

If you need anything else translated, please let me know. Again, very nice document!


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