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Translate note from German tanker?

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A wonderful photo!!!!! Brilliant!!!!

BTW: The tank attack of the 21.march 1918 was the first german tank attack!

Concerned units was only the Sturm-Panzerkraftwagen-Abteilung 1 under Hauptmann Greiff.

The tanks were:

501 Gretchen (Hauptmann Greiff)

502 (no name) (Leutnant Vize)

505 Baden I (Leutnant Voss)

506 Mephisto (Oberleutnant Skopnik)

507 Cyklop (Leutnant Bartens and Leutnant Vietze)

Baden I didn´t reach the battleground, he stuck. Cyklop broke down and was left behind, 502 also broke down.

So you tank could be Gretchen (501) or Mephisto (506).

Gretchen stayed in the troop after armistice, and Mephisto today is in Queensland (Australia) to wait for your visit!!!!

In that battle the Abteilung 1 were under command of the 36.Inf.Div. (XVII.AK).

Participated infantry units: IR 128,Inf.Rgt.175, Sturmbataillon 5 (Rohr), 2.Abt./Feldart.Rgt.36, flame-throwers of the Gardereserve-Pionier-Rgt.

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