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A Boring ribbon Bar


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So...this ribbon bar dates from when the Viet-Nam war was winding down(wards). It was worn before the Pentagon desk warriors/politicians/"morale-builders" instituted the training ribbons and merit medals that are now given out so lavishly.

I accidentally reversed the image-and then erased it- sorry.

So, this guy had an relatively uneventful career-or did he? Who do you think he was?

(Some of the documents came with the ribbon bar, so I was quite pleased).

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National Defense Service Medal with star means he probably was on active duty 50-54 during Korean War (but no Korea service) and 61-74 for Vietnam War (but no Vietnam Service - although the AFEM could be for VN service prior to 65).

So, a career sailor with his only campaign being recognized by the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and his unit being recognized with the Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation. Let's see...I'll guess he was on a ship during the 1961 Cuban Missile Crisis. The first operation that was entitled to the AFEM.

Another possibility is that he was on a ship in 1968, during naval operations in defense of the USS Pueblo, which was seized by North Korea.

No Vietnam service though...so maybe those early actions aren't plausible.

With that many oak leaf clusters on the Navy Good Conduct Medal I don't think it would be later - he would probably have some other individual award.

I'd go as late as 1975 and the The Mayaguez incident.

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Dead on chaps- PO 1st class, Ed Marr. Enlisted in December, 1949 and retired in 1976. This was his ribbon bar in 1972-73 when he was aboard the USS Thor on ice breaking duty in Alaska (brrrr...). He spent most of his career in boiler rooms. It has a certain reserved dignity to it I think. He died a few years ago.

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USS Thor ARC 4 was awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation for the following periods:

27-AUG-1969 15-NOV-1969

16-AUG-1971 09-OCT-1971

The Thor (or those serving in her) didn't recieve the AFEM.

Source OPNAVNOTE 1650

I don't think he meant that the medal was earned on the Thor - only that this was PO1 Marr's ribbon bar when he served on the Thor. He then would have earned the medal prior to reporting aboard the Thor.

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