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Feldgendarmerie SNCO Wehrpass

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Another rather nice Feldgendarmerie Wehrpass. What drew me to this one was the photo. I've a few others where the Wehrpass has a uniform rather than civilian photos as the holder was already serving when the Wehrpass was created.

However my others show the soldier in a previous branch before joining the Feldgendarmerie. In this case the soldier was already a Senior NCO in the Feldgendarmerie when the book was issued so the photo shows him as a Stabsfeldwebel der Feldgendarmerie.

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Service in the Polish Campaign, the Westfeldzug and briefly on occupation duty in Norway before moving into Finland. Not visible here, but under the pasted in sheet for service in Finland, is another entry showing that he returned to France in August 1942 "Einsatz unter dem Militär Befehlshaber Belgien und Nordfrankreich" until March 1943.

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There are no entries relating to wounds or ilness and at 39 years old when he was released from the Military, he certainly wasn't too old, plus his discharge entries show a "K.v." prefix (Kriegsverwendungsfähig or fit for combat) so I assume he was released back to service with the civil Gendarmerie simply ( he was with the Gendarmerie pre-war) because he had completed a suitable "tour of duty" with the military.

A further clue to his subsequent service is a covering letter tucked into the back of the Wehrpass from the Kommander der Gendarmerie in Lublin, addressed to the Gendarmerie Post in Hrubieszow ( in Eastern Poland, bordering the Ukraine) sending Hahnel his Polizei Dienstpass, together with his Soldbuch and this Wehrpass so he clearly served with the Police in occupied Poland after leaving the Wehrmacht.

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