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Hi Guys !

I not so much in to Uniforms and Headgear . So I hope You accept that my terms could be wrong .

A Friend of mine here in Norway is only Collection KM .

And he ask me about makers of the " blue serie " Uniforms and Headgear .

Is there any list on forum or other places about makers codes and makers of these items ?

If there is a list could someone provide my an link ?

This is not my part of collecting , I`m a badges Collector that tries to help a Friend .

Thanks !

Jan Arne

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hej Jan,

I recommend your friend tries to find the out of print KM books by John R. Angolia: "The Kreigesmarine" I have Vol. 2 which has a lot of info on KM uniforms and the patches etc. The are a set of 3 volumes.

Here is are a few link to some for sale:




Hope this helps.

If your friend only collects KM stuff, I recommend he contact "KM-Spain" (Eduardo) who is a member here. Does he have any U-boat items? I collect them.




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Hello all, I think there is not a list about Kriegsmarine uniforms makers, at least in my years of collecting I have not found it. I have seen many unforms and you can find many different makers on them, the private and the officials.

The officials were only two:


2- In Wilhemshaven: with black letters "OFFICERKLEIDERKASSE W'haven"

The private were many, the most usual are:

1- Armin Ketelsen from Weserm?nde, Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven.

2- Th. Th?l from Kiel.

3- Wilh Witte from Kiel.

4- J. Robrech (owner Hans Thiele) from Kiel.

5- Friedr. Driemeir from Kiel.

6- Albert Streich from Wilhemshaven

7- Niemann & Lappe from Kiel.

8- Lafrenz & Kroll from Kiel.

and many more from Cuxhaven, Hamburg, ....

I hope this may help you.

Edited by KM-SPAIN
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