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WW I purple heart WW II BS to a Col.


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WW I 7th regt 3rd div

Del ng 198th Coast artillery commander of 438th AAA AW recieving BS medal ,taking part in capture of cologne and Battle of bulge

Not sure what his ww I rank was or where wounded

Retiring as a Brig. Gen .

born oct 1 1899 - 1977

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Picture of William in his NG coast artillery thanks to Del state police Museum ! He was a trooper 1n 1924 of state highway dept on feb 1 1942

he was named superindent and captain of state police and was a captain in the NG with in a few weeks of taking over the post with the police he recieved orders from the army

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If I recall correctly, there was a fire in the personnel records center in St. Louis MO which destroyed nearly a century's worth of military personnel files. Since insignia from his officer's uniform had been preserved, was there a chance of finding any enlisted collar discs dating back to WW1? Then again, I've known some officers who concealed their prior enlisted service thinking that it helped their chances of promotion, placing them on par with "ring knockers" (graduates of USMA).

Looks like COL McWilliams also participated in the Korean War, indicated by his ribbon rack. Perfect attendance.

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A few points - hopefully of some general interest.

Many West Point graduates were former enlisted personnel who proudly wear their Good Conduct Medals.

Many states advance their retiring National Guard officers one grade in their state militias. Given the length of this officers service, I wonder if his rank as BG was of this nature.

Many states also grant rank in their militia allowing officers to fill positions calling for superior rank often as a temporary measure while awaiting fedeal recognition of the new rank.

I am personally aware of an officer in the grade of LTC being appointed by the governor to the position of State Adjutant General in the grade of MG. This officer was never federally recognized beyond the grade of COL and after his tenure as Adjutant General, reverted to COL. Upon retirement, he donned his militia rank of two stars again.

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