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    Knights of Pythias watch fob question

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    I have here a scanned image of a Knights of Pythias piece of jewelry, But I have been unable to find this exact piece on any website or any listing anywhere of people selling this memorabilia. This piece I found about 35yrs ago and I've kept it all these always wondering what it was. Anything you can tell me about the piece I'd appreciate.

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    I have searched the website you listed before and other links on it and found nothing about the piece I have, I'd like to see a picture of it and any info about it itself. I have searched search engines on the internet and seen hundreds of images and info and have not found anything about the Knights of Pythias watch fob piece I have, like who made it, how old is it, what is its function, does it have any value, what it part of a set, what did it look like new, what is its exact meaning?

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    The Knights of Pythias was founded in 1864 and is one of a host of late 19th century fraternal societies created in the United States. A good summary can be found in Alan Axelod's book THE INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SECRET SOCIETIES AND FRATERNAL ORDERS. The organization has shrunk considerably over the years and I have yet to meet a collector of their memorabilia. The item shown is a watch fob that was worn on the chain with a pocket watch. They were produced commercially by a wide rage of firms in base and fine metals.

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