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Russian Federation Order of Courage: Evguenyi Tabakov a young Russian hero


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Hi, there!
Here is the Russian Federation Order of Courage:


The youngest recipient was a 7yo boy named Evguenyi Tabakov:

I wrote "was" because the kid was awarded posthumously. Here is his story:
In july, 2009, in Noginsk (118.000 inhabitants, around 35km east from Moscow), Evguenyi and his sister Yana, 12yo, are at home. Their mom is at work. Someone knocks at the door. As their mother always told not to open the door to strangers, Yana asks who is there. A male voice answers: "It's the postman. I have a telegram to give but I need a signature". The girl opens the door. Instantly the man rushes into the house, he seizes the girl and leans a knife to her throat! Then he orders the boy to bring him money. Terrified, the boy obeys and when he returns the man is about to finish to snatch the clothes of his sister, who still have the knife on her throat! Evguennyi runs to the kitchen and returns with a knife and drives it into the agressor's back! Under the influence of pain and surprise, the man lets go of the girl who rushes into the street to call for help. But the wound is not deep and the man pulled himself together. He catches the little boy and stabbs him eight times. Little Evguennyi died.
The agressor, Sergei Kyiashko, 35yo, was arrested and sentenced for murder. The Russian government decided to honour Evguennyi's exemplary courage by awarding him posthumously with the Order of Courage, as he saved his sister from rape. The medal was presented to his mother during an official ceremony.

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