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    Typhoon russian submarine 1:350


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    Here is my russian Typhoon submarine model, on scale 1:350


    "Typhoon" is the usual name of Projekt 941 "Akula" ("Shark" in russian). The Typhoons are the largest submarines ever built: 574 ft long (174m), 75 ft wide (23m), 48.000 tons displacement when submerged. Six vessels were launched from 1982 to 1989 for the Northern Fleet. Today, three still are in service: "Severstahl", "Dmitri Donskoi", and "Arkhangelsk". Crew is 160, armament includes 20 intercontinental missiles, 533mm and 650mm torpedoes, anti-aircraft weapons system, and the "Typhoons" also can lay up to 40 mines.

    Some pictures:





    Several brands issued "Typhoon" scale models: Heller, Hobby Boss, Alanger, Revell, DML,..

    Mine is from russian brand "Alanger", on scale 1:350. It's 20 2/8 inch long (51,5cm).

    Here are some pictures:



    There are some differences with the real sub, but light ones. I saw the models of the other brands, and the kit from Alanger certainly is the best one. I can say this because I have more than 200 pics of these submarines. On the other kits, there are a lot of wrong things! Most oftenly, the rear part is totally wrong!..

    On the other hand, the lack of details on Alanger kit is a pity! On such a large kit, more details would have been welcome!


    No details at all on the castle, except the ones I painted!.. There are no more details on the masts than on Hobby Boss 1:700 kit !


    The hatches of the diving fins are not engraved, so I painted them. The hatches of the torpedoes tubes also are absent. But the design of the missiles silos hatches is right, contrary to the kits of other brands.


    The rear deck is correct.

    To be continued... ;)

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    Nothing to complain about, here! There are light differences with the real sub, but nothing serious!

    Well, I could summerize by telling that Alanger kit is the most accurate kit you could find about Typhoon submarine! The lack of details is secondary to my point of view. I used pictures of Typhoons I found on the net to paint more details.

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