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I wonder if all these recent usairforce threads are just simple adverts ...

For example http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/5087-khalkin-gol-1939/page__pid__501692__st__120#entry501692

If this is indeed the case, then I believe GMIC has special section for such adverts


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Naturally :lol:

...I show my collection like you .


Not like me.

You certainly found some "new" ways.

First of all I have never displayed 9 identical badges ;)

Not to mention that I politely answer to polite questions and know some magic words like "hi, thanks, regards, etc."

Finally when I post something I give a correct description of this "something".

And if it comes to that - GMIC has special section for that "showing" activity


Enough place for 9 identical obverses and 9 identical reverses of 9 Halhi badges that you have in your collection ;)

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