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Britain Military Medal Review Report

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Here we go again. Another British Military Medal Review. What was the outcome you ask? A second report which is expected to be publish this coming Autumn...

The UK's military medals system needs a "rapid but in-depth" re-think, a report for the government recommends.

Veterans, including those who protected Arctic convoys in World War II and those who served in later Cold War, have called for greater recognition.

In his report, former ambassador Sir John Holmes says there should not be a "blanket refusal" to reconsider cases.

And calls to create a service medal for all military staff were "worthy of consideration", he added.

Sir John, former UK ambassador to France and Portugal, was asked by the prime minister in April to look at the effectiveness and fairness of the current system.

His report says there is "no appetite or good reason to change the basic approach underlying British military campaign medals policy", which is that they "should be awarded sparingly, on the basis of genuine risk and rigour".

Read the complete BBC news article here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-18875342

The full Report, along with a Ministerial statement can be found here: https://update.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/resource-library/military-medals-review-report-sir-john-holmes


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Hi Jean-Paul. I have deleted the second post - this one had more replies.

Interesting comments on awards for previous battle - but, just how many

possible recipients are still alive ? The Government have more pressing

problems with the state of the Country.

Talking of which - why is the typ in your post so small ?

Best wishes Mervyn

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Hi Mervyn,

When I posted the first post, I received an error report, so posted 2nd time.

As for the small print, it did look ok when I posted.


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I'm not British, so take this for what it's worth, but I'm with Sir John on this: campaign medals should reflect 'risk and rigour' and be given out sparingly rather than by the ladle full. We all know, or think we do, of armies which give out medals for 'Completing Basic Training', 'Getting an "A" in Military Typing School", "Guarding the Canteen"... You get the idea!

If there is be a campign medal, as opposed to a long service medal, for the 'Cold War', what would the qualification be? And, by the same logic, could any member of His Majesty's or Her Majesty's forces who served anywhere at all between the years 1700 and the end of the Iraq campaign argue he/she was eligible on the grounds that she/he was 'ready to fight' if sent anywhere nasty? The Brigade of Guards, for example, famously didn't leave England for decades at a time during the last two centuries. But could they, like the training cadre at Aldershot, who arguably helped hold off the godless Red hordes during the Cold war, ask for a gong for keeping the home fires burning while others went to India, Africa or wherever the red duster needed defending? HUGE can of worms looming here! :speechless1:


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