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Dr. Walter PANK signed all of the navy issue Blockade Runner documents, I think.

Born 12 June 1898

Imperial navy 4 July 1916 to 28 February 1919

F?hnrich zur See 26.4.17

Leutnant zur See ernanny 18.9.18

but was in training during his entire WW1 service

recalled as an Erg?nzungsoffizier during the 1930s (having picked up his "Dr."--of WHAT, unknown--title by 1928, when he lived in Halberstadt)--

Kapit?nleutnant zS (E) 1.10.34 #10

staff officer Baltic Station

Korvettenkapit?n zS (E) 1.1.39

and exactly one month after your document promoted to his final rank

Fregattenkapit?n zur See 1.6.43 #1

In 1939 he was living in Bornh?lm with his wife ngeborg (born 17.12.XX)

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Here's what i can add.

29.11.39 - 12.08.40 Kommandeur 5. Schiffsstammabteilung

13.08.40 - 16.03.41 Kommandeur Marinehafenabteilung Calais

25.01.45 - 8.05.45 Kommandeur 3. Marine-Lehrabteilung

I have an example of the same style of doc, same date, same signature and same handwritten rank and appointment although the awardee's details and date are typed

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