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    East Yorkshire regiment

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    New member here

    I've put most of the research I have so far on my Carney 15th regiment of foot - East Yorkshire Regiment soldier ancestors on a page here - this is just a rough version, needs tidying up and I have more info to add, there are also snippets & photos about other EYR soldiers on the page and I intend to add more

    Carney: East Yorkshire Regiment family

    Henry Carney, my great grandfather joined the 15th Regiment of Foot in 1858, Henry was discharged to pension in 1880. His five sons joined the East Yorkshire Regiment, having been educated at the Royal Hibernian Military School. The five brothers joined the regiment at a very young age and served in the Boer War and WW1, amazingly four of them survived.

    The 5 brothers between them had 26 medals: 1 MC, 3 DCM, and 22 other medals

    I was very pleased to find this forum as I've a few queries.

    I intend at some stage to hire a researcher to look into Henry's service records but meanwhile I would like to know, if possible what campaigns the 15th Foot would have been involved in during the time period 1858-1880. I do have some old 'Snappers' that give details of the history of 15th foot, but so far too early for my man

    On one of Henry's sons' birth certificates (image on page above) it shows that he was born at Island Bridge Barracks Dublin 1888 and his father was by that time a Military pensioner.

    What would he have been doing still living in barracks at that time with his family? eight years after his discharge from pension?

    Later the family were living in Kilmainham Terrace, Dublin - I've visted that area in Dublin, and the old hospital and gaol, and the Island Bridge barracks and very interesting it is too


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    There seem to have been a lot of Carneys in Yorkshire regiments.

    Gene Ursual has this Second Afghan to the 2/14th J. Carney

    I have been corresponding with a Daniel Carney here in Halton County. I was able to restore his grandfather's Birks memorial bar to his family. He (William Carney) had served in the 6th KOYLI in the First War, but apparently had previously served in the 19th Hussars. His brother Daniel was a pre-war regular with the 5th Lancers, and had a 1914 Star trio, still with the family.

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    Brief digest of service of the 15th(York East Riding)Regiment of Foot from 1845;-

    1st Battalion,15th Foot

    Ceylon 1845.

    Ireland 1855.

    Gibraltar 1856.

    England 1857.

    Channel Islands 1859.

    Ireland 1860.

    New Brunswick 1862.

    Bermuda 1868.

    Ireland 1870.

    Channel Islands 1873.

    England 1874.

    Ireland 1878.

    Retitled in 1881 as 1st Bn,The East Yorkshire Regiment

    England 1883 .

    Gibraltar 1885.

    West Indies 1886.

    South Africa 1888.

    Egypt 1893.

    India 1895.

    Burma 1903.

    England 1906.

    France 1914.

    2nd Battalion, 15th Foot re-formed 1858,

    Malta 1859.

    Gibraltar 1863.

    Ireland 1868.

    Channel Islands 1870.

    England 1871.

    India 1875.

    Second Afghan War 1879-80

    Retitled 2nd Bn,The East Yorkshire Regiment 1881.

    Aden & England 1888.

    Ireland 1894

    England & South Africa 1900.

    England 1902.

    Burma 1905.

    India 1909.

    England 1914.

    France 1915.

    Campaign honours in that period for the East Yorks are;- "Afghanistan 1879-80" & "South Africa 1900-02"

    Hope this is of some use to you.


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    Yes, I've noticed it too, from just searching the catalogues online at the NA. I'm not sure if my gt grandfather Henry Carney was the first to join up or if he came from a long line of soldiers. Going to look into it soon, May just be the very common surname of course

    I don't think the medal is for one of mine, but thanks for telling me about it

    Graham many thanks for that list, it helps a lot


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