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White Polizei Sleeve Eagle ...On Luftwaffe Gray ! ?

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I had mis-identified this a couple of weeks ago in a post themed "gray eagles" and then thought it was M1942 Luftschutzpolizei... because the backing is Luftwaffe Abzeichentuch. However, having been shown a SchuPo lime green eagle on Luftwaffe backing that MUST be LSP... what organization wore THIS bird?

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The white ones are much rarer than the green. They were for the branch of the LSP involved in rescue and rubble clearance (the SHD pre-April 1942).

The LSP eagles came in three colours on Luftwaffe grey backings, i.e.

Green = Air Raid Wardens

Carmine = Firefighters

White = Rescuers

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HALLELUJAH!!!!! Hooray for Robin!!!! :jumping::cheers:

I've got a group--overage WW-ONE volunteer beer wagon driver (wife and too many kids at home :speechless1: ) who made (improbably) "geriatric" Reichsheer senior NCO (just because the war was over was no reason to go home to THAT...) who got called out as a pensioner for the SHD and transferred over to LSP before ending up as a past-pensioner in Bremen's fire department (as a driver) under the British occupation.

So, presumably the tab and board Waffenfarbe would have matched the eagle color?

There were hundreds of thousands of these guys... where are their insignia? I've been at this for over 50 years and never come across LSP... anything!

Thanks again, Robin. :jumping:

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