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Unknown naval-officer with Braunschweig and Württemberg

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I will post this naval officer with an interesting combination (Braunschweig and Württemberg). In my opinion this combination must be rare and with the Johanniter, we have to search someone of nobility. But by now, I couldn´t find any match with this combination and I´m going crazy :speechless:

The naval officer is wearing on his medal bar:



China-Denkm. (in my opinion for fighters but steel were also possible)



I hope someone of you can put a name to this nice photo. Thanks a lot for looking.

Best wishes


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:Cat-Scratch: CHINA (certainly in steel) BUT...

Where is his 1897 Centenary Medal????????????!!!!!!!!!!!! :speechless1::speechless1::speechless1:

So: he must have been a Korvettenkapitän zur See (crown on sleeves) BEFORE 22.03.97, yet was not old enough for the war of 1870/71.

I find no one with these awards in 1890s Marine Ranglisten. The Imperial Navy was TINY, then.

Soooooo.... whoever he was, retired with permission to wear uniform BUT he got those awards... AFTER he left the navy? :speechless1::banger:

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My best guess would be Korvetten-Kapitän der Matrosen-Artillerie d.R. a.D. Wilhelm v. Veltheim. He already had everything except the Henry the Lion by 1909. A Braunschweig Kammerherr, he was awarde the BrH3b in 1912. That must be an LD1 in 2nd place on the bar.



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:Cat-Scratch: Aha!!!!

Born 15.01.59

Charakterisiert Korvettenkapitän d.R. (MA) on discharge 11.03.10. (Joined navy 04.07.80)

Completely non-exciting shore duties during the war. Patent as KK dR (MA) aD 18.08.16 and demobilized 21.02.19.

From the Marine Ehren-Rangliste 1914-1918, above.

Per directories of the Marine Offizier Verband/ M.O.H. e.V. that I have between 1928 and 1939 he was living all that time at Am Hirschtor...

Blankenburg/Harz. :beer:

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