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  1. I have to agree because it seems that there is a civilian (?) in the background.... ....someone is wearing a summer hat, see attachment. Best regards Karsten
  2. Hello, I think here´s another example for black ribboned EK for service on the homefront but in this case for a marine-guy. Marine-Oberingenieur der Seewehr II. Otto He was member of "Schiffsbesichtigungskommission Hamburg" and he received the black ribboned EK and "Hamburger Hanseatenkreuz" in December 1915. Finally the department celebrated the receipt of both awards for Marine-Oberingenieur Otto at the end of December, which was called "Ordensfest". It exist also one document which is connected to that celebration. There is mentioned in a lyrical notion for what Otto received both awards: "Hgb(= Hamburg) 28.12.1915 Hier mit meiner Schuppen-Horde. Schweißgebadet bei der Arbeit, Als mit Hebel, Krahn und Balken, Wir die 100000 Dinge die im kunterbuten Wirwar Man uns in den Schoß geworfen Sehr korrekt zur Ordnung brachten" We can translate that lyrical parts that he was responsible for some gaffs. His principal duty was to handling one hundred thousands things (I think military goods) and to put them in order! For that duty Marine-Oberingenieur der Seewehr II. Otto received the black ribboned EK and "Hanseatenkreuz Hamburg" So in my opion another nice example for black ribboned EK for service on the homefront 🙂 In case of the department "Schiffsbesichtigungskommission" I found below informations: "Bei der Mobilmachung ergänzte sich die Schiffsbesichtigungskommission durch einen Stab von Offizieren des Beurlaubtenstandes der Marine, die in den verschiedenen Häfen als Requisitionsoffiziere, Ausrüstungsleiter, Bemannungsleiter und Transportleiter die Ausrüstung und Bemannung der Hilfsschiffe nach den dafür gegebenen Vorschriften durchführten. Technische Mitglieder der Kommission prüften die Betriebsfähigkeit der Maschinenanlagen und Sicherheitsvorrichtungen, überwachten die technischen Einrichtungsarbeiten und sorgten für das Vorhandensein der erforderlichen Betriebsmaterialien. Sanitätsoffiziere und Verwaltungsbeamte richteten den Lazarett- und Verwaltungsdienst ein." "In the mobilization, the Ship Inspection Commission was supplemented by a staff of officers from the Navy's leave of absence, who carried out the equipment and manning of the auxiliary vessels in the various ports as requisition officers, equipment managers, crew managers and transport managers in accordance with the regulations. Technical members of the Commission checked the operational capability of the machinery and safety equipment, supervised the technical equipment work and ensured the presence of the necessary operating materials. Paramedics and administrative officers set up the hospital and administrative service." Source: https://www.wintersonnenwende.com/scriptorium/deutsch/archiv/weltkampf/wer0723.html In 1918 Marine-Oberingenieur der Seewehr II receveid the "FAK2" for combatants! Otto was all the time member of SBK and technical member of shipbuilding in E (Emden?) according to "Ehrenrangliste der Kaiserlichen Deutschen Marine 1914-1918". It seems that he never had left Germany during the wartime. Best regards Karsten
  3. Right👍 As Rick used to say: -- but as ALWAYS in these cases, please anybody else do NOT post original wearer's name identification for any item up for sale while it is still for sale: not only is that free/unearned data FOR some unknown seller's sole gain, but largely a waste of time for items which vanish into the Great Unknown anyway and are NOT brought home by Faithful Readers here. Regards Karsten
  4. Hello Claudio, Didn't you received my Email yesterday? I wrote an Email to you and there was also mentioned the name of the owner Regards Karsten
  5. Hello Daniel, yes he should know 🙃😉 Incredible bar🤪 Good luck Claudio! Regards, Karsten
  6. Hello👋 Ooh I didn't know it😯😯 Sorry to hear that☹️ But I think you have no problems with your "title"? But isn't it typical for chinese culture to copy things without permission🤔 Take it easy it was my fault. I don't post anything anymore. So let's laugh about it and everything is forgotten😎👌 Have a nice week and regards
  7. Hello Sascha, maybe we can date the change from smooth to pebbled cross arms after may 1885 It seems that red eagle order 4th class with swords with smooth cross arms was also awarded in May 1885 Kind regards Karsten
  8. Hello, I would suggest goldenes Militärverdienstkteuz due the fact that he received the medal for combat in 1918. Goldenes Miliärverdienstkreuz was the highest military award for NCO and enlisted men. I think someone is able to prove it. So could you deliver his name? Kind regards Karsten
  9. Does anyone have any further details? Thanks and best regards Karsten
  10. Hello all, do we really have a FAM-ribbon? The ribbon looks like the saxon "Erinnerungkreuz" for 1866: http://orden.100ossi100.bplaced.net/24a6bc96790dcbe01/24a6bc97a510ac401/index.html The last ribbon could also stands for a swedish decoration! best regards Karsten
  11. Hello Andy, thanks a lot for your help. Unfortunately I couldn´t find any details about the city where he ´s buried. Kind regards Karsten
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