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Divisional sholuder flashes

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The attached uncut pair of Divisional shoulder titles were given to me many years ago by a WW2 Veteran who had served in the Recon Corps and 11th Hussars. Can anyone identify the Division they represent.



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Howard Cole's book Formation Badges of World War II (p. 123) shows this as the 4th Armoured Brigade. " A jerboa (desert rat) in black on a white square background. The Brigade served in the Middle East with the Eighth Army and in North-West Europe as part of 21st Army Group."

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This badge was subsequently adopted by the 4th Armoured Brigade in BAOR and worn during Desert Storm in 1991

The Brigade currently operates as a Mechanized formation and apparently, in accordance with the fashion for rather heavy-handed branding and to keep the media happy, someone has come up with the rather unappealing monicker 'The Black Rats.' Well, 'Desert Rats' was taken.

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