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    Soldiers on photo - russian, bulgarian ?

    Robert Noss

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    Guest Rick Research

    They are Tsarist Russian officers. It isn't always easy (well, for ME anyway :rolleyes: ) to tell the difference from photos of Bulgarians and Russians-- but the former NCO in back is wearing THREE Crosses of Saint George earned before being commissioned (he has the stripe of a Lieutenant up the center 0of his shoulder boards, but I can't see rank stars on any of them-- probaly subdued field versions) as well as a screwback Regimental badge.

    I can see our letters "erg" sticking out on the back of the chair of the man sitting at far right in front--

    so perhaps these are prisoners of war in Germany.

    If you post this in the Imperial Russian subforum, maybe they can identify the regimental badge for you.

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    Guest Rick Research

    No, I don't think so. There was an entirely different world view of how prisoners were treated from the first war to the second. These were probably just reservists all bagged early on-- they are very neat and tidy-- with an up from the ranks type...

    or perhaps they are choosing NOT to wear their awards for the photo because they felt embarassed at being prisoners?

    Officers were not looted of awards-- by either side-- and went home with what they had afterwards.

    I have an Australian friend who had a German Marine reserve officer's group-- captured at Tsingtau in China by the Japanese in 1914, kept in very gentlemanly circumstances as a POW until 1920...

    and sent back courteously with his sword, neatly tagged and stored for him for six years.

    The world changed between 1920 and 1933.

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