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...another named IOD89

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I'm pushing my luck here, and this is definitely the last (for the moment), but I wonder if the Research Brigade can come up trumps with this one?

It is a standard Prussian IOD89, plain blade but with the name C. Ambrosius engraved on the rear folding clamshell, plus a very nice family crest on the tang button. The scabbard is post-1910, black with a single ring.

Any thoughts?

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Single names are tough, given the maddening German practice of not listing first names!!!! However, a fairly good suspect--really the ONLY suspect before the war--was a Nofirstname Ambrosius who started out as a SekLt dR in Grenadier Rgt 12, then switched over to reserve status with Telegraphen Bn 2 1899/1900.

Here THAT fellow is in the 1907 dR/dL directory as a Telegraphen-Ingenieur in Leipzig:

And here he was in the 1918 Reichs Hof- und Staats Handbuch as a Postrat, still with Imperial Post there:

NFN-Suspect Ambrosius was promoted from leutnant dL to Oberleutnant dL 18.10.08. He resigned as of 21.06.10 (probably on completion of required minimum time) published in the Militär-Wochenblatt of 21 June 1910. A Postrrat was = Major. His awards as then shown were the Prussian WW1 War Effort Cross and his LD2 long service brooch/from 1913 medal.

HOPEFULLY there may be confirmation of his first initial in German Postal seniority lists, which I do not have.

If NOT him, the very few other Ambrosiuses I turn up were not initial "C"

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Unfortunately not the Telegraphen-Bataillone Nr. 2 Ambrosius. I was able to cross reference his address from the 1902 Beurlaubtenstande Rangliste which gave an address in Charlottenburg with the 1902 Berlin Adreßbuch. And it was a then Oberpostpraktikant Fritz Ambrosius living at the given address: Friedbergstraße 22.


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