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    Gents, I know the copycats have gotten theirclaws into this organization as well. Not to the same degree as the NSAD badge I beleive but nevertheless I see a lot of stinkers out there. I have allways assumed that this one is authentic even though Cone's example has a maker's name on the reverse and mine does not. Mine appears to be well worn to the dgree that the attaching pin is loose from the plate. Please post yours if you have the time and inclination so we can compare. As allways, thank you for your time and courtesy. Robert

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    I'm afraid the I can't help as I haven't one of these, but I'm sure that one of our other members must have one hidden away somewhere.

    Things may be a little quiet here for the next couple of days because of the SOS.



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    I merged this with a previous topic. Anyone have any opinions on the above badge (my one not Roberts) as no doubt Nicholas Morigi has produced this one at some point and I am now more than a little suspicious of it.

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