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Some of the more interesting photos which I received this past week.

I was over the moon with this little gem.

At first sight an uninteresting snap shot of a grumpy looking nurse with some service men and a boy.

But it is not just any grumpy nurse, this is the famous Schwester Pia (born as Eleonore Mayr, an later named Eleonore Baur), the only woman to wear the Blood Order, and the Coburg badge, and the Golden Party Badge. I wrote an article about her in 2012 and she had a facinating "career" in the NSDAP. For her dubious moves in Dachau she was put on trial after the war.

Photos of Schwester Pia are quite scarce.

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A rare photo of a young man in uniform, a member of the Volksbund der Deutschen in Ungarn.

The photo bears the stamp of a photographer in Sporon.

On his cap he wears the German eagle with a "V", and the box shaped belt buckle shows an Army style eagle, but without the words.

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A very scarce photo of an Obermusikzugführer (Senior Bandmaster) of the Reichsarbeitsdienst, note the lyra badge on the left lower sleeve, the special shoulderboards and the little baton in his right hand.

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Some time ago I bought a photo of Hitler greeting RADwJ female leaders at the Reichsparteitage in Nürnberg 1937, but this week I received a picture of the same happening from a different angle...

An interesting view at what was behind the camera.

From lef to right: Wilhelm Frick, Hitler's SA adjutant Wilhelm Brückner and Rudolf Hess.

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