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Regret must reiterate what Paul has suggested, in that the medal ribbon bars are probably of very limited value, maybe a pound each or so, and they are from the RAOB - there don't seem to be quite so many collectors of their regalia/jewels/medals as there are of Masonic items.

The leather pouch would have probably held an apron and membership certificate. Limited value nowadays, as the price of the regalia means you really don't want to have to fold it in six to fit in there, but may have a value to someone for another purpose.

The coiled wire tassles are of a style from before WW2, or even WW1, but are of little value on their own. The final pieces which we call 'levels' and which resemble upside-down letter Ts, may be of some value if silver and hallmarked as such - perhaps £20-£40, depending on which auction and who wants them at the time - but if just electroplated base-metal, probably worth bugger all...

The green ribbon reminds me of some sort of advanced driving medal, but I could be wrong.

Hope that helps,


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