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    Pictures needed for article

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    Hello All!!

    I am writing an article for the JOMSA about the campaign medals of the USSR. I need pictures of the following: Liberation of Budapest, Defense of odessa, Kiev & Sevastopol. All proper credit will, of course, be given and gratefully noted.



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    Thanks to all who allowed me to use there pics of Soviet campaigne medals for my article. All I need is the Defense of Odessa.



    :beer: Thank You Danny!!! I got 'em!!! I need your last name for credit for the pics in my article.


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    Guest Rick Research

    These have all appeared scattered around in other threads here. I'd have to redo them at the 300dpi you need, so if you need any of these that nobody else olunteers, let me know:

    I have--

    Berlin (Gds Paymaster Major Muller)

    Budapest (antitank Gds Lt Col Yakimov, unit CO signed as Hero of the SU)

    Caucasus (mysterious civilian Volynkin)

    Kiev (several KGB recipients-- Drutzky and Grebennik)

    K?nigsberg (Gds Sapper Major Kremnev and Air Force engineer Colonel Stepanov)

    Leningrad (Gds Major Gusev)

    Moscow (MajGen Oleinik, Frunze Military Academy)

    Prague (antitank Gds Lt Col Yakimov as above)

    Sevastapol (the mysterious Volynkin as above, UN-McDaniel'd issuing authority Crimean SSSR Presidium)

    Stalingrad (Jr Lt of SS Grebennik)

    Warsaw (Gs Pay Major Muller as above, heavy tank btn Captain Kuz'min)

    My usual is 150dpi =


    I don't know to what LENGTH you want to go... might want to just crop out some close ups of "nifty" stamps with one main illustration per medal type?

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