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    2 Garde Regiment zu Fuss - who signed the doc?

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    Dear Fellow members!

    Would anyone help me reading the signature on the below scanned page? It is "von Holch..." something.

    Is it possible to tell anything more about a career of this person?

    Rest of the document is available here:


    And the picture:

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    Gustav v. Holtzendorff, born 30 December 1869 in Berlin.

    22.3.89: Sekonde-Lieutenant in 2. GRzF

    1.9.96: Premier-Lieutenant

    17.11.96: transfered to Leibgarde-Infanterie-Regiment 115

    11.9.03: Hauptmann and company commander 6./2.GRzF

    19.11.08: Retired with regimental uniform.

    Died 1923 as Major a.D.



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    For a second I thought it is Hauptmann v. Holtzendorff. I did some research and look what I found in the "Indiana Tribune" dated 24 August 1906:

    "Blitz fuhr in die Helmspitze. Auf dem Truppenübungsplatz Altengrabow bei Halberstadt. Provinz Sachsen, wurde eine Kompagnie des 2. Magdeburgischen InfanterieRegiments von einem schweren Gewitter überrascht. Sie schwärmte, da sie sich auf freiem Felde befand, aus; der Hauptmann. v. Holtzendorff, blieb zu Pferde, Ein Blitz fuhr in die Helmspitze und tödtete ihn und das Pferd."


    I don't speak German, but google translator helped. It seems that the Hauptmann was hit (in the pickelhaube) by a lighting during a training on the field, and died, together with his horse.

    Interesting and sad at the same time.

    Thanks once more.



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