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    Looking for Polish Virtuti Militari order, or other documents/wards related to Polish army. Please send me PM if you have anything for sell.

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  1. Dear Colleagues. can anyone read the names on this picture? I've tried but with no luck. Thank you. Marcin General-oficerowie-pilot-1918-Armia-Pruska-oryginal-reprodukcja-oryginal.jfif

    • WANTED

    Dear Colleagues, I would be happy to buy a WH (or other) photoalbum from the Polish campaign from 1939. I would also buy groups of pictures from the Polenfeldzug. Picture in the ad is only as an example... Kind regards, Marcin


  3. Hello, does anyone have any Polish uniforms to show? I am sure there are some in your wardrobes! Thank you! Marcin
  4. Dear Friends, I will be offering most of my docs related to German army for sell. Before that I would like to ask you kindly for rough estimation. Probably nothing special, but still I have no idea about the value. The pictures at the end of pdf are fliegers / aviation units, mostly in high resolution. All the best, Marcin And second part. And third. Next one.
  5. Dear All, Can anyone tell more about Premier Lieutnant Ludwig Zimmermann? He was connected to Leib Infanterie Regiment in 1821. Thank you so much! All the best, Marcin
  6. All - thank you so much for such detailed and useful information. Much apprecited! And here is the doc:
  7. Dear Friends, Would anyone be able to tell anything more about Georg Wilhelm August Freiherrn von Bülow. I have his patent for Seeofficier dated 1894. Many thanks and all the best, Marcin
  8. Dear Friends, would anyone tell more about the below photo album (with about 130 aviation pictures) and the "Erdrundbild" ? Is it also possible to value both, as I am considering swaping it for Polish militaria? I am aware that there is a dedicated part of forum for such purpose, but it seems not too many users visit it. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it much. Best, Marcin And the Erdrundbild:
  9. Hello Marcin,

    I have given you some basic identifications on your shoulder straps. All have some value. There are no rare ones in the group and there are some that have very little collector value. The enlisted cyphered ones sell on German Ebay for about 35 Euro each. The officer's cyphered boards can sell for up to 100 Euro, the Hessen one here falling into that category. The 123 Grenadier, typically less. If you sell them as a group, I think you will get less money, but you would get rid of the uninteresting ones that might not sell on their own. I hope this helps.


  10. Dear All, based on the pictures below, is it possible to tell who made this EK? There is no sign of producer on the ring. Best, Marcin
  11. Dear Friends, anyone can tell who exactly made this box? It is signed DRGM (and possibly with a recipient name, too). Best, Marcin
  12. Sorry Chris, I can't find him in Virtuti Militari rolls. It doesn't mean he did not received one, but he is not on the list.
  13. Hi Chris, do you have a name? We can try to spot this VM, but I would need a name. Best, Marcin
  14. Hi All, just small update, you can see the pictures of the document here: http://www.imperialgermanmilitaria.com/index.php/photos/date/1866-1870-71/102-1866-1870-71-militaerpass Any comments would be appreciated. Regards, Marcin
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