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Divers knife


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Tomas - you are quite right - they usually had a heavy brass grip.handle. However, this one has a brass scabbard,

so it can't have been to save money. Perhaps they needed a heavier weight for a particular purpose ?

I wonder why they had the blade screwing into the scabbard - I would have thought it made it difficult to get out ?

One other question - where is Rostend ? Best wishes Mervyn

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Mervyn, I would think the blade screwed in to prevent accidental loss from the scabbard. These were were used as tools for cutting ropes and when needed nets to free the diver and not so much so as weapons. I don't think they were used by scuba divers, or "frogmen", but by the divers in the large round brass helmets and attached to an air pump on the ship above.



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