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    August Weber's Mobilisation..... 100 years ago today....

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    I had already sent a message home requesting that they forward my Feldgrau jacket, boots and binoculars from my service days. On the 31st of July I was on my way to work with my colleague Lenz. As we passed the Paulinus Printing press we saw preparations in motion. I gave a loud “Hurra!”. Mobilisation would surely follow in 2 or 3 hours.

    A quick handshake and I left my friend as I hurried home. I changed into my Feldgrau and packed up my civilian clothes in a parcel to be sent home... I waited for the mobilization call… it did not come. At midnight I lay down. All through the night I thought I heard the call “Alarm”, but it was only my imagination.

    The next morning, to my big disappointment, I had to put on my civilian clothes again. My landlady was waiting for me with coffee. The teasing and jokes made over my eagerness are best not mentioned.

    The day passed slowly. I could barely work and thought only of the coming war. From time to time I took out my Militärpass and reread the mobilisation instructions. “Report as soon as the mobilisation order is given”. Indeed… but the order had still not been given. This day, too, passed by….

    At 6:00 pm it happened. I hurried to the printer's with my colleague Hoffmann. There was still no news. In the marketplace in front of the main post office there was a throng of people. Here there was no news either. Suddenly, at 6:15 a ripple went through the crowd… “Mobilisation!”

    A sudden silence, then cries of “Hurra!”

    His full diary, up to his first wound is here.... http://kaiserscross.com/167501/170643.html

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