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    Ersatz Feldartillerie Regiment Jüterbog

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    Hello Marcin!

    That´s not so easy. The Ersatz-Feldartillerie-Regiment Jüterbog was divided. Each battery belonged to another armycorps.

    1.Ers.Bttr.: Garde-Korps

    2.Ers.Bttr.: III.AK

    3.Ers.Bttr.: II.AK

    4.Ers.Bttr.: IX.AK

    5.Ers.Bttr.: VII.AK

    Is the battery mentioned on the doc?

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    This may also help to narrow down related actions:

    VII. Armeekorps was commanded by General der Infantrie Hermann von François, June 1915 to July 1918. From 18 Oct - 30 Nov 1916 the VII. AK was called "Maasgruppe West"

    Also, can you post a scan of the EK doc itself; there are some experts here that could perhaps identify further clues from the doc itself. Not to mention that Chris B. is both an EK doc expert and a Verdun expert.

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    Marcin, I'm a bit confused now. Your original post stated "26 December 1916" for the EKII. But the Militarpass clearly states "26.12.17" which you also note on your webpage. Just a little mix up.

    There is more confusion though. The stamp on that page reads "Ersatz Feldartillerie Regiment Jüterbog 5. Battarie" but I think that is where he was in on 14.2.19 when the pencil entry was made. The entry was made by the Commander of 8. Batterie, Reserve Feldartillerie Regiment Nr. 43, whose signature appears at the bottom of the entry with "Altes Lager 14.02.19". Altes Lager was the barracks in Jüterbog.

    My reading of handwriting German script is weak, but the entry says he joined 8. Batterie, Reserve Feldartillerie Regiment Nr. 43 on 28.8.16. This appears to be confirmed on Pages 8/9 where the entry also says he went to the 43. on 25.8.16. I am not sure what is says about things up until 30.9.18. on Pages 10/11.

    I read all of this to mean he won the EKII 26.12.17 with 8. Batterie, Reserve Feldartillerie Regiment Nr. 43

    Interestingly, the 43. Reserve Division - which including RFAR 43, was on the Western Front until Nov 1917 when it moved to the Eastern Front.

    01.11.-07.11.1917 Transport nach dem Osten 43. Reserve-Division (Ostfront)

    29.11.-01.12.1917 Stellungskämpfe am Serwetsch

    03.12.-17.12.1917 Waffenruhe

    17.12.1917-01.02.18 Waffenstillstand

    01.02.-06.02.1918 Transport nach Altengrabow 43. Reserve-Division (Westfront)

    The Stellungskämpfe am Serwetsch could be the action for the EK award. The date doesn't have to mean the date of the action, but rather the date upon which the award was made. Of course, he could have still won the EKII on the Western Front with RFAR 43 before moving East. The 43. Reserve Div was in heavy fighting in France just before going east.

    The battle/campaign page in the Militarpass looks exactly like that for 43. Res. Div.

    Again, hopefully some of our members that read German script better than I do and know more about EK awards will join in the discussion.

    Edited by IrishGunner
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    Dear IrishGunner,

    I have to apologise for a typo - obviously it is 1917, and not 1916, as I described initially. I was wrong.

    Thank you for your help and your precious time.

    Many thanks and best regards,


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    Marcin, no worries on the typo. That's a good reason to always post the original document when you can. It helps with details and sometimes makes it easier to answer the question.

    No worries on my "precious" time either... I love researching Imperial artillery! I know it can be confusing. I have gone through this drill with a couple of Militarpass of my own. Thankfully, it's not FussArtillerie!

    This is a great Militarpass - lots of good stuff in it. I am fairly confident of my conclusion. Hopefully, a real expert will come in the discussion and confirm - or deny - my findings.

    Edited by IrishGunner
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    • 9 years later...

    Hello, I am so happy I came along this thread--albeit several years later! I am very new to genealogy and have found myself needing to learn so much about WWI to understand my grandfathers story. I have been a journey to learn about his military career/history and his personal story. I never had the chance to meet him as he died when my Dad was a young boy. My Dad died when I was a teenager as well. So, here I sit as an adult; trying to learn the story of where I come from. I was hoping someone on this thread could help me? 


    I recieved some military documents pertaining to a stay at a military hospital outside of Berlin. There is mention of this regiment on his documents. Could anyone help me gain more knowledge from these documents or even details on his service/assignments? I was told that he recieved several medals of honor and courage. I would love to understand this better. Any help or guidance would be so very much appreciated!!! 



    Thank you! 



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    Hi Jesse!

    I´m sorry, but I have really problems to read that handscript...

    I can read the following things:


    Kanonier (Gunner), Julius Schindler

    Unit: Ersatz-Feldartillerfie-Regiment Jüterbog, 1st battery

    Born: Dec.,24,1898 in Friedrichshagen, Landkreis (District) Nieder-Barnim (near Berlin), single (not married), service entry: June, 2, 1917

    Illness or injury: June, 17, 1917, Mandelentzündung (Tonsillitis)

    July 17, 1917 - Dec.20, 1917 in Reserve-Lazarett (Reserve-Hospital) Südende (Berlin)

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    In the last picture. Abteilung Nervenkranke - Department of mentally ill Patients

    The diagnose is imo "Hysterie kampfunfähig -15-".

    Hysteria, incapacitated or unfit for fighting. Likely what was called shellshock.

    Dont know about the -15- Might be some code.

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    There was reference to being in Juterbug and in this regiment, field artellary as a gunner. Do you knowwhere I could find more information on that unit? I wonder what he did in the army. He was only 17 or 18!

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    Well, he was 18 years and 6 months, when he joined the army. But I don´t think, he was in action.

    I don´t have more infos about that regiment.

    It was raised November 1, 1914 from the following batteries:






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    Thank @The Prussian! Would he have recieved medals of honor for simply being in the army? I was told by my Dad's best friend growing up--that he had several medals for bravery and leadership of some sort. From these records, it does appear that his stint in the army was very short. Was that common? 

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    Hi Jesse!

    Hmmm, really? I really don´t think so.

    Watch the facts.

    He joined the army with 18,5 years in an Ersatz-unit of the fieldartillerie.

    The rest of 1917 he spent in hospital.

    Then he came in again because of Hysteria for three months in 1918.

    Maybe he did receive an EKII, but probably not more.

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    You could easily "buy" a lot of Medals, if you participated in any way in WW1.

    Like the kyffhäuser medal or the Deutsche Ehrendenkmünze des Weltkriegs and a few more.

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