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    Order of Leopold II bronze medal

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    Dear gentlemen,

    The bronze medal of order of Leopold II has on the avers the medallion of the War Cross and not the usual medallion with a Belgian lion rampant encircled by the Belgian motto Strength through Unity in French and Flemish. On the reverse it is not the usual crowned monogram of King Leopold II.

    So, what is this?

    Any help is valuable.

    Thank you

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    Dear Maxblue,

    I'm afraid someone put two wrong centermedallions on the medal. Normally on one side a lion with the motto of Belgium, On the other side: the Leopold II monogram, after all it's a medal in the order of Leopold II .

    Kind regards,


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    dear gentlemen, very interesting medal ...and as you stated, it is not according the official pattern...but it exists :)

    One can imagine different theories to explain this :

    - a manufacturer got short of the "official medallions" and used those for the war cross 14-18, knowing that very few people would notice.

    - a veteran of King Albert 1st wanted to express his attachment by having the medallions changed

    - a veteran of Belgian Congo did not want to have the Léopold 2 medallions because he did not agree with the policy of Léopold II in Congo


    If I am not mistaken, the brass color of both medal and medallions is the same, so it had to be done in a manufactory and is not a home made personal change...

    All by all, an interesting medal.

    Best regards

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